Animeblogging Feeds Your Family.

I was wondering how I’ll ever survive the harsh winter of Singapore without any supplies and magically, a box appeared at my doorstep. It was crammed full with bread and Animax logos!

Anyway, as previously mentioned elsewhere on the Internet, Animax Asia, the regional 24-hour anime satellite/cable channel, has teamed up with local bakery chain Breadtalk for promotion of its newest anime premiere, the fanta-licious Yakitate!! Japan. And because we are so hungry, they actually sent us free bread.

The five new varieties of bread were apparently inspired by the anime. So I take it that the bakers from Breadtalk were subject to the entire run of Yakitate Japan? That must be some awesome employee benefit! Frrree anime! Seriously, Yakitate is one of the best comedies if you disregard the season after the Monaco Cup. Combining science with comedy, drama and even sexy Tsukino, Yakitate is a must-watch series.

The main character Azuma, is a whiny baker who is GAR for the sole reason that he doesn’t ever lose, such are his supreme skills and luck. Pity Animax didn’t send me the character placards. Besides him, there’s the sweet and sexy Tsukino, macho Manager, loser Kawachi, samurai Kai and others.

But enough about the show, let’s talk about the bread. In Japan, Yakitate brand bread was actually produced loyal to the show’s techniques. According to consumers, it wasn’t particularly godly. No reactions like the sort Kuroyanagi had. Breadtalk basically created five new flavours and named them in the spirit of the show. All my life, I’ve never eaten anything beside the currybread and spicy porkfloss bun from Breadtalk so I woudn’t know.

Here are the 5.

Japan #288 ($1.30)
Seems like a normal sausage bun to me though. There’s some cheese inside. Reminds me of the binoculars that Sousuke uses in FMP to spy on Chidori.

Red Bean Yakitate ($1.40)
But this is red bean bread! Anpan!

Fantasia Pantasia ($1.40)
A bread which looks rather like the nuclear explosion generated by a destroyed Gundam, I fancy the rather crispy shell.

Roar Azuma Roar! ($1.50)
I figured out that the face is actually a lion. And lions represent Singapore? So this is the Singapan. Hurrray? A Singaporean bread which has pork it and on it and thus excludes the 2nd largest racial group in Singapore from eating it? It’s filled with bak kwa (barbequed pork jerky).

Solar Hands Rolling Pin ($1.40)
This is inspired by the macho afro Manager’s large penis. Seriously. It’s full of chocolate egg cream.

At time of writing, I haven’t eaten any because I received the package just after dinner. Tough luck. It’s due for breakfast tomorrow though.

I’m quite impressed by Animax’s marketing though. It does look like they are putting in effort and trying, unlike a certain local firm which rhymes with Fedex. It is no wonder I am a subscriber of the channel and flip to it when I get bored. Like last night, I saw Galaxy Angels A on at 2 am or so.

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