The Riuva Exam Sweaters have Arrived!

Just an announcement for all who ordered it, the shipment has arrived and generally in very good condition. However, all is not well.

I set a price of 36 SGD. Unfortunately, due to three problems, the COST price alone is probably 40 already.
The government demanded a 7 percent Goods and Service Tax from me because the value of the imported items in total is above a certain amount. 7 percent is a lot.
UPS charged extra money, for some mysterious reasons.
The most important reason is how I screwed up the order. Instead of having a blank back, the sweater is now the same as the prototype I made, that is it has the large Riuva logo. Unfortunately, this means extra printing cost and quite a lot of people who ordered didn’t want the logo, while a couple wanted. Ouch.
The sweaters are too large, unlike t-shirts, to send through the mail without having to buy new envelopes. So I have to meet all the buyers in person. But I’m having exams and so are my buyers, which is why we need the sweater in the first place.
So the current meet-up time and place is 2 pm this Sunday at Sunshine Plaza, or Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

In conclusion, assuming everyone who placed an order still wants the sweater regardless of the logo and the raised price of 40 SGD, I will make/lose absolutely no money but have lost a lot of time and gained some important lessons in life. (That is, do not order in bulk via Cafepress too much.)

PS. My Liberal Arts Dispenser T-shirt is also here, along with the murderous halfling shirt from Order of the Stick.But I bought one size too big for both…. wow life sucks.

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