I really really like this song. My first reaction when I heard it was, “Eww, this guy’s vocals sound so lame.” But after hearing it a bit more, the super manly yet energetic vocals, the really catchy melody and beat and the imagery of people freefalling/flying stuck in my head, made me addicted to the song.

From the scan of the single booklet, I expanded the kanji and did a translation of the lyrics. The lyrics are pretty simple and easy, basically about breaking out, escaping from shit, and flying away into the sky. Essentially, a similar theme as Break the Cocoon. The song really fits Eureka seveN perfectly!

Taiyou no Mannaka e, is by Bivattchee which is a band of 4 guys. I don’t care about their names but it’s the typical vocal, guitar, bass and drum combo. The vocalist has a very unique voice in this era of cookie cutter male vocalists. He sounds like he’s straining all the time, yet still delivers each note with energy and passion!

The song is 3:17 minutes long and goes in a verse-verse-prechorus-chorus-bridge-chorus flow. It’s a rock song, with fast drum beats and rythmnic guitar, with accompanying keyboards (I think). My favourite part is the change of pace when the chorus ends and the bridge starts. Great contrast.

I like this song for the energy it kicks in, when I’m feeling lethargic or sleepy and TyMe comes on, I’ll get this urgent need to jump around and shake my head. And sing along. It’s not just TyMe, the other song in the single is good enough to make me swing my arms and shake head in the bus. I will surely be listening to more of Bivattchee’s music! The other song is called Kimo to Waratta Kisetsu (The Season I Laughed with You) Great chorus for this one!

I share good good stuff here!! Limited time only. This does not belong to me but [vga-ost]. I suppose. Preview the song only.

Taiyou no Mannaka e (758 kbps version)

Kimi to Waratta Kisetsu (550kbps version)

Here are the translated lyrics for Taiyou no Mannaka e! Ok Edited. I forgot to add the romanji lol.

Taiyou no Mannaka e by Bivattchee

darekaga imahora yobukoe gasuru
Someone’s shouting “Come on, now!”
kazamidori ga ibasho wo tsugeteiru

The weathervane is telling me his whereabouts
suwarikonda kono saka no tochuu de
In the middle of this hill where I sat back
sora wo tobetara ii na to tsubuyaita
“It’ll be great if I could fly to the sky”, I muttered.

はてないゆめと はてあるいまと
hatenai yume to hate aru ima to
Never-ending dreams and the present with an end
わすれないひび わすれたいひび
wasurenai hibi wasuretai hibi
The days I do not forget, the days I want to forget
nakushita mono ga fueta samishisa wo
“From the desolation of losing more and more things
migaru ni naretan da to waraeru kai?
I have become more carefree”, am I able to laugh about it?

I wanna fly away こたえをもとめて
I wanna fly away kotae wo motomete
I wanna fly away seeking the answer.
きづいたよ あやまちもくやしさもはねになって
kizuitayo ayamachi mo kuyashisa mo hane ni natte
I have noticed, that my faults and regrets have become wings
からだじゅうかぜかんじ そしていまてをひろげて
karadajuu kazekanji soshite ima te wo hirogete
Throughout my body I feel the wind and I spread my arms

たいようのまんなかへ いまおれはとべるだろう
taiyou no mannaka e ima ore wa toberu darou
To the centre of the sun, I could probably fly right now
かなしみのよるをぬけ いまよりもとべるだろう
kanashimi no yoru wo nuke ima yorimo toberu darou
Escaping from the sad night, I can fly even further
I can fly away

puraido toka mie de dekita
WIth things like pride and vanity
torikago wo ima ketobashiteyaru
I kick away the birdcage
isshun no shoudou wa eien no gekidou
An instant’s impulse is an eternity’s upheaval
sono basho kara tobu nara ima hora
When I fly away from that place, look at me!

まいあがれ かなしみもよろこびもちからになる
maiagare kanashimi mo yorokobi mo chikara ni naru
Soar high, sadness and joy become strength
kurikaesu machigai mo susumu tame no hikari ni naru
Even repeating mistakes become the light for progress

オンボロのつばさでも じぶんらしくとべばいい
onboro no tsubasa demo jibun rashiku tobeba ii
Even with tattered wings, it’s alright to fly your way
taiyou no mannaka e
To the centre of the sun
I can fly away

As for the second song, Kimi to Waratta Kisetsu, I have this.

5 Responses to “Music Review and Lyrics Translation: Taiyou no Mannaka E, OP3 of Eureka seveN”  

  1. 1 T_T|||

    The bitrate of the songs are scary.

  2. 2 Mariana Luz

    Yeah I think so too… Thanks for the songs! I’m loving it!

  3. 3 Gary

    OMG TY TY TY TY SO MUCH, I’ve been looking for a clean and clear version of this along with lyric translation. GREAT JOB AND NICE SITE. THIS SONG ROCKS XD

  4. 4 John

    Hey thanks for the lyrics, I have been trying to find them in english, (even if the lyrics weren’t written for me, lol, I still give you thanks), also I’m giving you props for the site, its awesome (I absolutly want to know how you can manage a site like this, it should be hard?, well I’m asking questions that aren’t supposed to be asked), well thanks for the lyrics, well laters=z.

  5. 5 tj_han

    Oh no problem, lyrics are for everyone.

    As for how I run this site, wordpress makes it pretty easy to manage a site. And content-wise, I’m always into these stuff.

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