If Football Clubs were Anime Series…

If Football Clubs were anime, these would be the results.

Manchester United would be Naruto.
Lots of retarded fanboys.
Extensive branding and milking of merchandise
Slick action at times.

Arsenal would be Gurren Lagann.
Stylish without much substance.
Attracted rave reviews recently for groundbreakingly unique style.
Not on a big budget.

Liverpool would be Gundam.
Fans cling onto past glories blindly and are deluded into thinking they are still the best.
Constant chopping and changing of formations/Gundam, with much fan howling.
On a moderately large budget.

Chelsea would be Afro Samurai.
Huge budget wasted on crap.
Made by foreigners.

Tottenham would be Haruhi.
Rabid fans deluded into thinking it is the bestest thing since toilets were invented.
Believes in strange God.
Not as good as stated.

Newcastle would be Kanon.
Nobody interested except for the fanboys.
Waste of resources.

Everton would be You’re Under Arrest.
Everyone remembers the good old days.
Mini-revival recently.

Hands up if you get the connections. I don’t expect many to, actually. You’ll need a certain degree of knowledge, in the fields of both anime and football, which are generally mutually exclusive.

And I’m rather gutted Scotland lost to Italy. URGH.

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  • Haha, good stuff. Scarily accurate, too. :P

  • Testament to your speedy ability of cracking out site content. BUT WHERE’S THE ABC RECOGNITION AND LOVE HUH.

  • “Arsenal would be Gurren Lagann.
    Stylish without much substance.
    Attracted rave reviews recently for groundbreakingly unique style.
    Not on a big budget.”

    > Not on a big budget

    lolwut, didn’t Gainax pour a fair bit of their NGE cash chest into GL? I was under the impression it had a massive budget.

    Other than that, quite accurate. I’m an Arsenal fan myself, unfortunately living in the midst of many rabid ManU fan relatives…and one West Ham fan, he’s insane.

  • I lulled at comparing Newcastle to Kanon in particular – I get both of them thrust down my throat despite having no real interest in either.

  • I’m just wondering who’s your favorite team. :3

    And it’s all about Sheffield Wednesday. :P

  • I’m a Kop, hence huge Liverpool fan. Your analogies are quite funny. Can’t believe Israel beat Russia 2-1 on the 90th minute, talk about hollywood style revival.

  • “After all our hard work, a defeat in Israel is simply impossible” – Hiddink

    Not so cocky now I suppose ;D

  • Good one about Liverpool, but they did reach the final of Champions League this year. I guess no title, not a winner. Nice to see soccer mentioned in this site.

    Dynamo all the way!

  • Bleh football… but scarily accurate… in London, you gotta know something about football D:

  • Wow, that is pretty accurate.

  • Hype is temporal. Class is forever.

    Form doesn’t last long in the long-run.

  • Lol, if your analogies are true enough, Liverpool will be up for a miserable season, lots of hype—>early season glitter—->Lose steam——->Get new recruits in January (Setsuna getting new gundams)—–>Some decent football (toy whoring episodes)——>Ends the season sputtering? I hope not….but the way it is now I’m not too optimistic

  • This is the best article you’ve come out with in a while.

    And talking about Israel vs Russia, that match had the word “rigged” written all over it. On the other hand, like tjhan, I’m gutted Scotland lost to Italy. Damn the referee who gave that free kick to Italy.

    @Crest In the long run, we’re all dead.

  • LOL

    But who cares about the Premiership.

    The non-division leagues are where’s it’s at.

  • I can connect to 100% of anime but only about 60% of football (that is being I’m not really interested in football -.-)

  • Waste of resources.
    Ah so cruel! I’m not really into football so..

  • What? No one came up with other examples? Anyway, I’m not particularly a fan of any club but I like teams who are fresh and new or teams which I use in Winning Eleven. So its Chelsea, Everton and Man City.

  • Wow very accurate descriptions I must say, although I like Arsenal but am not really into the style of Gurren Lagann. Maybe we could come up with a few outside the EPL as well.

  • same here, scotland was robbed of victory.

    And i hate Italy. Italy is like Neon Genesis Evangelion. There are tons of rabid fans willing to defend it and will try to attack you with violence if you say otherwise. Has its strong haters and lovers. Having shitty times due to impending sequel.

  • Let’s see if I can make more.

    Aston Villa is like FCLC. It plays extremely energetically with a particularly animated manager at the helm. It is a youthful team. However, it generally goes down the loony path in terms of defense.

    Bolton is like Inuyasha. It is pretty darn good when you watch them a long time ago. Now, it just feels so aged and the team feels like a team of fillers. Has little budget for proper games to play.

    Brain dead now.

  • Holy shit, the accuracy of this post.

    Finally something better than Lian’s BRsticks. For a moment, you nearly lost this site to him.

  • Oh god. That was good. You sent me laughing out a bucketful of tears.

  • As a liverpool fan, I must say that was funny and accurate. Good job

  • Singapore is like BRStick, having delusions of mixing it with the BIG ONE of this site, for a while.

  • scary accurate… even though i didnt like wht u say about man utd… yes im a fanboy.. so what?

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