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[LianYL] BRStick - 30

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Life In Simple Terms

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14 Responses to “[LianYL] BRStick - 30”  

  1. 1 0rion 49 comments

    No, the real challenge is figuring out which girls are the IRL yandere psychos so that you can steer clear and avoid getting nice boated.

  2. 2 shia 50 comments

    this brstick is real:X

  3. 3 LianYL 580 comments

    Now you know.

  4. 4 Kresnik 24 comments

    Life: It’s hard to get game over, but very easy to screw yourself for lifetime..

  5. 5 LianYL 580 comments

    @Kresnik It’s like going for Girl A but somehow screwed up and ended up with Girl B but you can’t restart the game and you get stuck to that arc. The shittier the arc, the more yandere Girl B is.

  6. 6 tj_han 1049 comments

    Actually, engineering is a straight game over.

  7. 7 Hinano 93 comments

    I can tell you Arts = BADEND

  8. 8 Tsubaki 459 comments

    Arts ftw.

  9. 9 kokanaden 250 comments

    Science=wash test tube.

    And I disagree about the game over, its much easier than you ever think.

  10. 10 ZeusIrae 3 comments

    Gold, I bow before Lord LianYL, the infinite well of wisdom.
    The lack of save points is just a cheap way to augment the difficulty.The game designer sucks.

  11. 11 Hiyuu 36 comments

    Science = Sekai (u get immediate EXP boost with her vast knowledge)

    Arts = Kotonoha (50-50 good-bad endings)

    Engineering = Rena (gg no rr)

    Since you have no saves, you’ll probably end up dead if you decide to jump ship before the arc is over.

  12. 12 LianYL 580 comments

    Wow I didn’t know Engineering was that bad, other than tonnes of calculus that is. I’ve discovered that enjoying Calculus is just like enjoying anime, it’s interesting and fun but only when you have time to play around with it.

  13. 13 Big Fan 4 comments

    Hey guys! Love the site. That is one sexy bitch. I would pick the wrong one and let her screw me, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAAN ;) HOLLABACK YAWL.

    Its obvious the artist picked ARTS, because thats what he does for a living! Amirite??

  14. 14 Mitsuki_Hayase 250 comments

    @Big Fan The artist is an aspiring engineer, so you’re damn right he’s in arts!

    I see great potential in you smartypants!

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