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[LianYL] BRStick - 34

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Tsubaki Ain’t That Manly

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15 Responses to “[LianYL] BRStick - 34”  

  1. 1 tj_han 1157 comments

    LOL. But seriously, any class which talks about anime will have otaku like us in it instead of the usual crowd.

  2. 2 Kouji 45 comments

    Lolz hentai.

  3. 3 PS 20 comments

    lolz, why tsubaki?

  4. 4 V2 18 comments

    somehow i just feel that i would do the same if someone calls shana-chan “hentai”…

  5. 5 Sylon Beta 32 comments

    PS, it’s based on a post by Tsubaki.


  6. 6 Owen S 111 comments

    Spot on. Keep those sketches coming, but don’t overdo it. Even xkcd doesn’t post everyday, lol.

  7. 7 Yyi 16 comments

    Shana-chan, hentai?!

    I’m growing sick of people terming anime as hentai.

  8. 8 Zeroblade 148 comments

    I can relate.

  9. 9 Tsubaki 510 comments

    I shall sue you.


  10. 10 LianYL 657 comments

    I thought you burnt it or something?

  11. 11 kokanaden 313 comments

    So what if it’s a strip based off another post? Does it diminish the strip in terms of content, interpretation? Or rather, are you idiots just obsessed with the so-called notion of “originality”?

    And yes, Shana-chan is Hentai. NO?

  12. 12 Hynavian 34 comments

    ah….nice artwork. can you draw claymore stick figures for me please? :)

  13. 13 V 20 comments

    Stickguy should have fallen over form the weight of Ichigo’s zanpakutou.

  14. 14 leefe 82 comments

    Well when people doesn’t call anime hentai, they’d be calling them cartoons. Which makes me feel like otakus got banished into the mickey mouse/doraemon era 10 years ago. Byousoku 5cm is awesome anime, not kiddy cartoon. It peeves me off no end.

  15. 15 Hiyuu 45 comments

    I can relate to that too. Funny how it happens alot

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