You Must Be Sick of Midseason Reviews By Now.

Yes, the mighty cartel of animebloggers has struck again! Headed by the Emperor of Malayan Darkness, Owen S, the empire performed a blogging blitz at the stroke of 10 pm Malaysian time, churning out more than 200 identical blog posts on "midseason reviews".

Because they were all so serious about it, we at the counter-culturistic Riuva must make fun of them. So here’s my review of their mid-season reviews!

  • Jroxas – Well structured and ordered. I like his directness as well as presentation, complete with nice pictures. Also, he and Karura are the only ones who actually did a traditional mid-season review, where individual series are looked at and commented on. So if you like these, then check out these two.
  • Owen S – I can sense the Malaysian in him. Why? He watches 16 series, so many! (But I watch 22 excluding marathoned series)
  • Anime Diet - The bastard gets to touch Yukana’s hand! For that, I will give him a low rating. Bastard. Yukana is a dirty slut anyway.
  • Karura – Yes, this girl is intelligent. She has also noticed that this season is shit. +100 for vision. Creative use of recipe format, which shows that girls belong to the kitchen.
  • CCYoshi - Needs to be more concise and clear.
  • End of the World - He likes Mokke. Shocking. I suppose it’s like how some people love plain water while others like beer or iced lemon tea. Or even drain water (Ninomiya-kun).
  • Hige – His uncle is Brian Kidd, the ex-Man U assistant manager. Despite this, his post is rather insightful. Good job, now Chelsea will win the title.
  • Xerox – Font too small, didn’t read. Take that.

The problem with blogging the same topic all at once, like I once said before, is that half the battle is lost with regards to content. You draw readers in based on a variety of factors, a major one of which is originality of content. With their synchronised blitz system, this aspect is lost and many readers will struggle to keep their interest in your posts. You might think that it’s their fault for being n00b or uneducated, but the half the point of blogging is to let people read and enjoy your posts.

I also notice that the Emperor of Anime Malaya, Owen S, and his merry friends, are all similar types of bloggers. Most of their posts are rather similar in linguistic style and structure. This is like playing football with 11 Frank Lampards. Yes, the solution is to get someone like DRMchrso, who will spew vitrolic insane ramblings like "OMG LULZ MID SEASON LULZ 4CHAN ROX 4EVA ODEX IS GAY MID SEASON LULZ."

You must be tired from reading text. Here, rest your eyes.

And to pour salt over their already infected wounds, I have my own midseason review below in the spoiler tag.


14 Responses to “You Must Be Sick of Midseason Reviews By Now.”

  • First!

    It bodes well for my exams tomorrow.

  • Please note that this isn’t even a mid-season review, I gave everyone “Autumn 2007″ as a topic and told them to interpret whatever they liked from that. tj has a disease called Selectivitus Illiteratus, we diagnosed him with it today. That is all.

  • Rofl well Sai and his penis jokes are what makes it hillarious!

  • Oh dear, you missed the best anime of the season named “Kodomo no Jikan”

    At the same time, i am surprised you even spend time to watch all that.
    There is only 6~8 decent series this season.

  • “With their synchronised blitz system, this aspect is lost and many readers will struggle to keep their interest in your posts.”

    Wouldn’t you posting about their posts also contribute to this effect? Is that what you’re getting at?


    RIUVA makes me happy.

  • After you watch the second half of Dennou Coil (episode 18 onwards especially) I don’t think you’ll still call it boring, damn you.

  • Epic. Entire article QFT. =P

  • If you think the deluge of mid-season reviews is bad, just wait until the “best of 2007″ posts start. I think I saw one already, and it’s not even December yet…be very afraid…

  • I just wanted the nanoha picture :| why did you log me, riuva!?


    on the topic of this post, who the heck has the time to read all those mid-autumn reviews!?

  • Heres a midseason review:

    Myself; Yourself – Anime girls have never been more stereotyped into their respective genres.

  • Watch more Dennou Coil.

    And I wish there’s more subs of Kekkaishi in English. All the Chinese sub torrents have been dead for ages (since English is only up to 35).

  • Nanoha-only.

    Delete the rest.

  • Oh I totally missed this happening.

    Well, this season is rather a let down, compared to the past autumns I’ve been through, still there’s some good stuff, like the currently overhyped ef, and the unintentionally hillarious Rental Magica. Minami-ke is providing up the laughs and CLANNAD is providing the opposite. But other than that, well, it’s just a mundane season~~

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