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When the Keywords, Categories and Trackbacks Just Come Together in a Massive Coincidence…

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Popularity: 13% [?]

You get a post with huge pageviews. These posts may not be the best, or even good. They just by chance had the essential factors which funneled traffic, most of which come from Google or clicking on categories.


I’ll be the first to admit that my site is really hard to navigate. My older posts all get lost in the swirling maelstrom of the archives. But ever since I installed that popularity plugin, which manifests itself as a percentage but actually has about 10 pages of detailed statistics on my dashboard, I have been able to see a lot of data. The popularity is a relative value which is calculated by taking the sum total of points obtained via a count of comments, pageviews, archive views, feed views, trackpacks, pings and homepage views. I think spambots play a significant part as well.

My most-read post is, shockingly, the Let’s Talk Mecha Randomly one written ages ago. It is 100 percent on the popularity scale, similar to the School Rumble season 3 post. The former has 2 times more views but about 200 LESS comments than the latter. I reckon it is because people find my site via Google, click on the Mecha Madness Category and see it as the first post. Either that or because it contains a lot of keywords from various mecha series such as Gundam, Macross, IGPX, Zegapain, Ghost in the Shell etc. The SR season 3 post is obviously because I said season 3 is coming and that was 1.5 years ago. It is the young, unknowledgeble fans who are very vocal. Just look at [That]’s most popular post, which is the ranking of Vaizard from Bleach. For a post with little more than 100 words and probably written in 2 minutes, it has almost 900 or so comments. In fact, it has become a living, breathing message board on its own with no regard to the actual post content. It’s a literal MONSTER MUTANT.

I don’t think such immense popularity spikes are something intentionally manufacturable. Just a freak of coincidence. Or Haruhi’s doing.


That said, I’ll just do a award session for the 5 of my underling writers. Since it’s everyone’s exam time and we’re in the mood! Remember, it’s only the five of them.

Most popular post on Riuva goes to…
Hynavian’s Claymore Anime and Manga Review! at 64%

Don’t look down on the power of Claymore’s mainstream popularity.

Most number of posts on Riuva goes to…
LianYL with 48 posts.

I suspect the number could be greater than more than mine. But good job! He actually has like 30 BRSticks lined in the scheduled posts list. Riuva doesn’t have a queue system unlike [That] so he fills the important role of consistent poster.

Most number of words in a post goes to…
Crest with his Gatekeepers Review post. It has 6969 words!! Also a symbol of his favourite position.

Wtf. That is two level 2000 university essays.

Most number of incoming referrals from outside sources goes to…
Ascaloth! Thanks to his signatures on the various forums like animesuki, which pimp this site and his Clannad posts.

But because my category system is rather messy, it is difficult to evaluate popularity at times. For example, I have 3 categories of anime. Anime Rave, which is about reviews which get a really high score, Anime reviews, which is more reasoned and balanced and Anime, which are posts about anime yet not reviews. It confuses readers and googlers alike. Either way, let’s continue.

Most popular Anime category post goes to…
Kokanaden with his silly spoof of WHY KAMINA REALLY DIED at 56%.

Yes the fact that this post is only 7 percent away from the Hynavian Claymore post speaks volumes about the mysteries of the Internet.

For your info, the most popular posts of each writer are:

Hynavian - Hynavian’s Claymore Anime and Manga Review!
LianYL - Absolute Terroritory Rant (with BRStick Clannad Special coming 1 percent behind)
Ascaloth - Clannad Episode 3 (with Episode 2 coming 1 percent behind)
Crest - Byousoku review

Needless to say, all these posts are of a wide variety and are testament to each of their talents.

Give us a hyperlink to your most popular posts and explain why! Also, you might want to encourage the underling writers because I don’t pay them any money.

Popularity: 13% [?]

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13 Responses to “When the Keywords, Categories and Trackbacks Just Come Together in a Massive Coincidence…”  

  1. 1 0rion 49 comments

    I applaud this post - I love reading through the old archives of my favorite blogs, so it’s nice to have something to help emphasize the really excellent posts that would otherwise be buried. I will definitely check out all of the above. :)
    I like the fact that you linked to excellent posts by each member of Riuva’s writing team.

    As for Epic Win, interestingly, our most popular post by far is our review of Moyashimon: http://www.epicwin.org/2007/10/14/moyashimon-01/

    It’s a combination of getting tons of Moyashimon related Google searches, plus several high profile anime forums linking to it, and the fact that it’s a paragon of brilliance. ;)
    After that, our tongue-in-cheek fall anime rankings… http://www.epicwin.org/2007/10/22/fall-07-anime-rankings/

    Mainly due to CONTROVERSY and pissing off fans of low ranked shows, naturally.

    …and then some stuff about Washinomiya and all the Lucky Star pilgrimages: http://www.epicwin.org/2007/08/21/washinomiya-or-zomg-lucky-star-is-real/

  2. 2 Owen S 96 comments

    If you made a BRStick t-shirt I would buy it.

  3. 3 kokanaden 253 comments

    My most popular post is testament to the number of lurking Gurren Lagann fans on the Net. I bet most didn’t get the joke, but it was still fun getting that out.

  4. 4 Ascaloth 116 comments

    Seconded at Owen S’s post. With LianYL’s permission to use his trademark, of course. ;)

  5. 5 Lss 16 comments

    your making me want to watch zegapain again. gotta love kana hanazawa’s voice.

  6. 6 Tsubaki 461 comments

    My most read page is the most useless post of all:


  7. 7 Calawain 19 comments

    Yeah we don’t really understand the Ranking of the Espada post either. I think all the THAT bloggers just kind of pretend it’s not there, aside from deleting the occasional spam and such when I notice them in my RSS comment feed.

  8. 8 Vertago 6 comments

    !!!! I made that wall!!!! Well not the BG but added Ryo with the glow and fade. k that is all…Zegapain = win

  9. 9 Vertago 6 comments
  10. 10 tj_han 1052 comments

    Vertago: Nice wallpaper lol. I took it frm Danbooru actually and there was no credit there.

  11. 11 DS 13 comments

    My most viewed post by far has been a review of Shugo Chara manga vol. 1!

  12. 12 super rats 99 comments

    Most popular post is “Saber in a White Bikini from Alter”:


  13. 13 Crest 99 comments

    Yay for an article on the underlings of Riuva, this beats even getting some cash

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