What Anime Have You Cried For?

I don’t care for what reason you cry, as long as you have, it’s counted.

I bring up this topic because people are laughing at MistaYoh (a famous local doujin artist) for crying during a public screening of Byousoku. HAHA LOSER! Ok I jest. But I cry a LOT during anime, and for the weirdest (by social norms) series too.

A brief list of anime I cry A LOT for, this is by no means exhaustive, and those mentioned are the most prominent examples of the genres:

Rescue Shows
Yomigaeru Sora Rescue WIngs, Umizaru
Man, this dehydrated me. Every episode I’ll be like "BAWLLLLL". These type of rescue shows, along with Umizaru (sea rescue), always teach us the value of human life and how dreaded accidents are. I’ll cry no matter the rescue is successful or not.

Don’t you think rescuers who brave their own lives to save strangers are very noble and selfless?

Food Shows
Yakitate Japan!
I was rewatching this and in the first 5 episodes alone, I cried 4 times. Everytime Azuma Kazuma, my favourite male anime character ever, shows how manliness can be exuded without muscles, I’ll weep. Tales of hard work and food science always make me a snivelling emotional mess. It’s not just Azuma, who with his selfless passion for the ultimate DREAM and never blames anyone if he doesn’t succeed, it’s also Kawachi with his family love and overcoming of obstacles etc.

Flawless skills obtained through hard work and passion are really touching.

Sports Shows
MAJOR, Capeta, Ookiku Furikabutte, Slam Dunk manga, REAL
Actually, almost all sports series turn me into the fountain. I just find the pure, innocent, hard work and WILL TO WIN of school sports very touching.

Sports is the Man’s Romance. Also when you have 1 percent the monetary budget of your competitor and still win, it shows the underdog spirit.

Comedies with War
Full Metal Panic
I think I shed a tear when Tessa bravely let Kaname flee the Bridge in season 1, and when Gauron was torturing her, she still adamantly shouted "Kanojou wa saikou desu!" (She is the best!). Also the funny parts of Fumoffu brought tears of laughter.

Journey Anime
Last Exile, Wolf’s Rain, Brave Story, Beck, Honey and Clover
The finale of an epic journey anime always works the tears. Also, because people always die at the end of the journey. Beck is unique in that nobody dies and it’s a musical journey. Takemoto’s journey is also tear-jerking.

Sad wolves in snow, travel a long way and endure much hardship, only to all die.

Innocent and naive young lost boy finds his true path in life. Touching.

Mecha Shows with BIG POWERS and Awesome Manly Songs But are Not Super Robot Wars
Gatekeepers, Gurren Lagann, Vandread, Sousei no Aquarion, Zegapain, Gunbuster 2, Giant Robo
And many other of these mecha GAR series where the forces of good gather in an epic battle and defeat EVILLLL with big flashy moves. For some inexplicable reason, I ALSO CRY. Nono (Buster Machine 7) summoning huge amounts of Buster Legion? BOO HOO. One of the important factors for GAR series like these is the music actually. Giant Robo’s soundtrack is fantastic and brings out the inner yearning for manly action.

This is where the crying gets mainstream. I know many guys who cry at Gurren Lagann, Gatekeepers and other GAR series.

War Shows with Self-Sacrifice
Ghost in the Shell SAC, 08th MS Team, MS IGLOO, Pumpkin Scissors, PLANETES
The touching self-sacrifice of many soldiers makes me remeber how futile war is and the insignificance of one single individual. SO I CRY. Btw, in case you’re wondering, I cried when the Tachikomas sacrificed themselves, when Shiro charged the big ass robo with his Ez8 half dead, and MS Igloo’s almost every episode since everyone dies.Pumpkin is a bit special because it is mainly due to Alice’s NOBILITY and awesomeness. I almost missed out Planetes due to the genre, but it’s one of the shows I used the most tissues on. "The opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy!" is one of the most touching love-related lines ever. In fact, Planetes’ romance is the ONLY romance I ever felt sad and happy for.

Alice epitomises the true Noble – selfless and for the people.

JUMP series and other Shounen
Gintama, One Piece, Naruto (before it turned to shit)
The first two in particular, One Piece was full of really touching manly stories, like Sanji’s Chef EATING HIS OWN LEG. Gintama has a lot of heart-rending short stories of family love, as well as the longer battle arcs where Gintoki’s manliness and Shinpachi’s journey of self-discovery and Kagura’s family love ALL MAKE ME CRY. Gintama is awesome because it covers almost all genres.

One can always rely on the manly Gintoki. This episode, 81, is fantastically touching, with almost all the elements of teardom such as manly action, gathering of comrades, family love, selfless sacrifice. GINTAMA is fucking good.

It make sound like I’m kidding, but it is true. I cry so much during anime which is why I rarely watch anime with people lest they see me tear. I think if you get emotionally attached to a series, it makes enjoyment go up 9000 percent. If you realise, the above all share a few common traits. It is these traits which are the actual tear inducers, not the genre or the shows. The traits are:

  • Selflessness
  • Passion
  • A great seemingly unachievable Dream
  • Separation (but only through Death. Byousoku style don’t count!)
  • Family Love (I never ever cry at romantic love.)
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Hard Work and Training

Not coincidentally, I love these traits because I lack them. Anime is escapism, as I will talk about in the future in a proper research post. You will like the things you don’t have the most.

So, tell us, which series have you bawled your eyes out at?

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  • I don’t cry during anime, ever. I’m a cold, heartless bastard.

  • good post. Looking at all the shows made me feel nostalgic.

    No romance shows?

  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. The part where Fate was getting beaten. Like WTF Precia DIEEEEE!!!

  • Hmm, rarely do I cry… I think. Never can be sure with this sort of thing because I’m good at holding back…

    Well, no particular genre because the one thing I’m sure I cry to would be loss. Stuff ranging from the the death of a beloved hero/heroine to more mundane stuff like losing stuff. Key is getting way to good at making me cry…

  • Who laughed at me? hmmmm

  • Take a stroll down memory lane, what do we find?
    Fullmoon wo Sagashite – Eichi-kun, the end, most of the times Eternal Snow/Love Chronicle was played.
    She, the Ultimate Weapon – damn that ending is sad.
    Kanon(Original) – Poor Makoto
    Kanon(2006) – Poor Makoto in better design
    Air – Don´t remember the exact time but yes.
    Clannad – Fuko :(
    Da Capo – Poor Nemu
    Hantsuki – The whole theme
    Murder Princess – Good bye friends
    Kanzuki no Miko – Sacriface is never good.

    And probably more. I´m an emotional guy so.

  • “These type of rescue shows, along with Umizaru (sea rescue), always teach us the value of human life and how dreaded accidents are.”

    Yeah, except that for some reason its always the army (i.e. trained killers) that are shown saving people. Killers teach us the value of human life ? Controversial, isnt it ?

    “GINTAMA is fucking good.”

    Theres some kinda movement to naming all the worthless shows “da best evar” ? Did i missed its beginning ? Whats the next worthless show to be declared the bastion of everything good in the universe ?

  • I cry mostly at deaths, sacrifice, friendship. Particularly memorable ones are as follows.

    Older stuff:

    Kiddy Grade, during Lumiere and Eclair’s face-off with the GOTT team with the pink loli where Lumiere almost dies, and there are emo flashbacks, and an epic battle in the ruins.
    Scryed, Kimshima dying.
    Saikano, Akemi’s head sticks to her pillow due to head wound.
    Escaflowne’s finale, when Van and Hitomi embrace before she leaves.

    Newer stuff:

    Bokurano, Daiichi’s manly sacrifice. Then Jun’s backstory and goodbye to Kana.
    Lucky Star, Kanata’s backstory.
    H&C II, when Ayu talks to Nomiya in a long-distance call.
    Nanoha StrikerS, Subaru’s tears of relief in episode 1, and Shamal/Vita conversation during Vita’s medical check-up.
    Kanon 2006, during Makoto and Ayu’s endings.
    Clannad, when Tomoya wept manly tears at Nagisa’s sorrow.

    I also cry at every Shugo Chara episode with a Batsu Tama, but mostly because I can identify with the kid’s problems. There’s a difference between crying because you’re glad the character made it through an ordeal and crying because you feel the weight of the tragedy, and the former usually elicits stronger tears from me.

  • Owen S: How the hell can you cry at Shugo Chara? Seriously.

    Karry: You do realise that both Umizaru and Rescue Wings involve sea/air rescue units? Not ARMY. They don’t fight, although part of the SDF. You must be an American. Also, Gintama is the best show ever but too bad you’re not watching it.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with killing people if you’re in the Army of course. It’s your job.

    Manga is probably a girl or a sensitive young man who powers the Kyo-ani factory.

    V: WTF. Now Nanoha … I think I cried for Strikers.

    Lupus: You heartless Rabbit.

  • Hm, being a girl, surprisingly, I didn’t cry for ANY anime, save Last Exile. Even Kanon, AIR, H&C and Gurren Lagann didn’t make me bawl O_o Well, I cried for romance love in Last Exile’s final episode because I’m a big Sophia fan and the damn bastard Alex just had to bite the dust in her hands without reciprocating her love. Dammit when Winna lied to Sophia about his last words I burst into tears immediately T_T Even though I really rarely watch live action shows, I tear up easier at them compared to anime which gives me melancholic feelings but never tears. Wth LOL

  • H&C – cried tears of joy each time the ED started playing
    Mahoraba – alot of touching moment (like the Treasure Hunt ep.)

  • I cried when I was supposed to cry but couldn’t cry.

  • I bet episode 81 didn’t have sex.

  • Off the top of my head: AIR, Kanon (Toei version; I’ve not watched up to the relevant part in the KyoAni version, mostly because I don’t want to cry again), Someday’s Dreamers, Stellvia, RahXephon.

    I’m a wuss. I also don’t really like to cry, which is why I don’t watch a lot of shows other people keep trying to recommend to me.

  • Hmmm…
    The last time I cried was during the ending of Nodame Cantabile… but it was just a tear of happiness for such a lovely ending :3

    Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien -by that time, I had broken up with my ex g/f after weeks of fights, so this was pretty much my make-me-suffer drug
    Saikano -d’uh
    Elfen Lied -just a little bit
    Gatekeepers 21 -during the first episode

  • Hmm, good question.

    Hoshi no Koe (God, how I cried…)
    Grave of the Fireflies (I promised myself never to watch that movie again)
    Kino no Tabi
    Kareshi to Kanojo no Jijou
    Honey & Clover
    Fruits Basket (episode 15, and Hatori has the saddest past ever)
    Noir (episode 6)
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Gurren-Lagann (who cares for Kamina? Kittan’s and the other Brigade members’ death were much more touching)

    I guess in the end, the amount of manly tears are on par with the girlish situations *g*

    I’m sure I forgot some series, but whatever.

  • I have never actually shed tears over an anime. I have come super mega close to crying, though. The ends of Hoshi no Koe, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kaliedo Star have all made me tear up significantly, and I almost cried during random episodes of Evangelion and D.Gray-man.

    The single part of any anime that I know I SHOULD have cried during, but didn’t, was in Bleach episode 60 (I think) when ####spoiler#### Aizen betrayed Hinamori. That part wasn’t as sad as it could have been, but I can relate the most to THAT more than any other romance cliche thing out there.

  • For me, it’s Hokuto No Ken, particularly the important fights and especially the Toki vs Raoh one(search Youtube). It managed to bring out my tears, which is so damn hard to do.

  • Tonari no Totoro (when Mei wanted to take the corn to her Mom in hospital)
    Jin-Roh (when Kazuki Fuse had to pop his gf)
    Spirited Away (during closing credits – its the ED song)

    there are others when you feel like crying but can’t

    As for Byosoku 5cm, my heart is too corrupted to shed a tear for the sweet innocence.

  • Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
    Fate/Stay Night
    And… more?

  • Fantastic Children (revelations episode ending was just the most tear-inducing thing in any anime I’ve seen).
    AIR TV (ending only, not on any of the earlier arcs).

    … and probably more, since my eyes are leaking quite often on anime, but only these two come to mind ATM.

  • End of Baccano, about nearly every ep of Bokurano.

  • How could you omit Dango Daikazoku?

    Next you should cover which blog posts have you cried for.

  • DS: No, I was happily ingesting said Dangos.

    Faye: You know, Baccano I think I cried too when Jacuzzi got brave.

    Nekki: Fatestay Night? Serious? Tears of pain?

    CJ: YEAH MAN KALEIDO STAR. I forgot about that one, but I cried immensely throughout.

    Sasa: Eva? Why?

  • So far I’ve never cried while watching anime. Only remotely related show is the first Nana movie. I cried the at the part when Nana jumped of out the train, away from Ren, with Yuna Ito’s Truth chorus coming in full blast.

    Damn, I’m shedding tears even remembering it…

  • Lol I shed some manly tears for Utawarerumono, Saikano, and AIR. Other than these titles I can’t really think of any others off mah head now. But I did cry laughing from Seto no Hanayome lol.

  • I’ve never really cried due to anime, but there were several that brought me pretty close.

    Millennium Actress
    Cowboy Bebop
    Oh! Edo Rocket
    Byousoku 5/cm
    Gunslinger Girl
    Honey & Clover

  • Let’s see….

    Final episode of AIR (TV).
    Makoto Shiori arc of Kanon (2006). The Sayuri side-story, too.

    Surprisingly few for someone like me who specializes in tear-jerkers….or maybe it’s precisely because I specialize in them. There’s plenty more that comes close, though.

  • tj_han: Yeah. The last scene and the song “Kimi to no Ashita” caused me to cry. My chest was in pain.

  • Kanon: The death of Sayuri’s brother. I rarely cry because of anime but this scene was just so sad.

  • @ Totali

    “Guchuko nooooooooooooooooo!!”

  • I usually cry in awsome friend/teamate fight scenes. The one i can name off the top of my head was in one piece when luffy fought with the useless guy…o yea usopp or w/e.

  • Well I cry at the moment that are done exactly for crying:
    For example the 23rd ep of Nadesico (beatiful show of Solidarity/friendship);
    cried a lot in Noir (painful solitude, painful rejection, painfully unable to love…);
    was in tears for the end of Read or Die (sacrifice then altruist epilogue);
    in R.O.D the TV, the most terrible moment was for the best friend not recognizing Anita.
    I have also cried at times that were probably not meant to (in Cowboy Bebop, I always have the feeling that my emotions are shifted (interested when I should be crying, laughing when I should be interested and crying when I should be laughing).
    But I feel I cry less and less when watching anime (either it does not move me any more, either I am not as immersed, either I only watch comedies…)

  • omn I cry too much in anime to remember, from the top of my head:
    Kodomo no Omocha
    Full Moon wo Sagashite
    Honey and Clover
    Voices of a Distant Star
    Cromartie High School (tears of laughter)
    This one episode of Kanon

    AND MORE, wow, never realized how much I cry

  • Elfen Lied (final episode, Lucy´s sacrifice)
    Mai Hime (I always start to cry when Miyu and Alyssa dies)

    Dramatic scene alone doesn´t make me cry, it needs great music to do so. Sometimes I feel like I could cry just because the music is so beautiful.

  • Episode 25 (second to last) of Petite Princess Yucie always makes me cry. Obviously I can’t say why, because it’s a spoiler, but it does it every time.

  • There’s a scene part way through “Spirited Away” that will bring tears to the eye of even the most stone-hearted of viewer.

  • All the Key/KyoAni animes. Man, those were good.

    HanTsuki and Shinigami no Ballad also moved me.

  • I never cried watching anime yet. Only things that made me really cry were planetarian and Out of this World (some movie).

  • When I cry while watching anime, it’s mainly because of (Happy-ish) touching moments or that the world portrayed in the anime is so… Pure and happy. I’ve never found myself crying at tragedy or death in anime.

    That said, the anime that I cried while watching are Gintama and ARIA.

  • Hmmm ..

    Here’s a few i can name from the back of my hand

    One Piece,
    Cowboy Bebop
    Voice of a Distant Star

  • Mecha Shows with BIG POWERS and Awesome Manly Songs But are Not Super Robot Wars
    War Shows with Self-Sacrifice


  • tjhan you sap….you cry in too many shows, you ah kua. XD

    Only show that I was “CLOSE” to tears was Saikano. And that’s during episode 10. And i’m sure alot will agree with me.

  • The third episode of Vandread: The Second Stage always gets to me. (That’s “Bart and Shirley” for those who have seen it.)

  • 1. Near the end of G Gundam, when Domon was fought with Master.
    2. Naruto. Rock Lee vs Gaara fight.
    3. One Piece. Burning of Going Merry.

  • Botak: Yes, it’s ONLY the Rock Lee and Gaara fight that I cried for Naruto. Otherwise, not at all.

    Steven: Yes, that episode was simply the best of the entire Vandread series. Can’t believe I didn’t mention it.

    Wolfx: Don’t you know that for people who are immersed in Japanese culture like us, crying is a form of masculinity? SMAP and all those idols always cry on stage what, and it hooks in the girls.

    JPmeyer: Certainly.

    Alafista and the others who mentioned Makoto Shinkai works as well as Saikano : Nope, I was bored during these shows.

    Sylon Beta: YEAH MAN! You’re the man. Gintama!

    Zeroblade: That just means you’re not enjoying the show fully.

    Stifler: In other words, you have a hospital fetish lol. I didn’t cry for Hantsuki I think, but it wasn’t a bad show.

  • so far the only anime that sort of brought me to tears was Chrno Crusade. The last episode was so saddening!!!

  • Never cried yet,

    for Kanon, Makoto’s arc was quite heart-wrenching.
    and Saikano. The ending was really bleak too.

  • I think those with more than 5 series listed have super leaky tearducts. Most of those listed there aren’t really worth it.

    tjhan: Looking to shed manly tears? Look no further than Band of Brothers. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Too bad its not anime though.

    I agree with a few though, like Saikano (you mourn for their lack of understanding of love disguised under a mountain of underage teenage sex) and Byousoku (you mourn your loss of innocence towards love). No one has mentioned that heart-wrenching scene in RahXephon where the main character (I can’t remember his name), while running away with a friend, is confronted with an alien mecha. Not knowing that the mecha is piloted by her (unconsciously), he fights, and kills it, all while trying to “protect” her from the supposed monster. The worst part is her continually repeating “I love you” over and over, even when getting trashed, and the main character doesn’t realise what he’s done until the end. Now that’s worthy of a tearjerker.

    It’s kinda sad that RahXephon always has to live under the shadow of NGE; they are similar undoubtedly, but that doesn’t take away the greatness of the series.

  • 2x
    1 – RahXephon when Ayato was fighting Asahina
    2 – Trigun the death of Wolfwood

  • Only cried at the last few episodes of Air; others came close but then I managed to hold the flood back

  • I cry over animes a LOT.

    Stories of friendship and sacrifice never fails to move me… Same goes for family love and sad romantic love stories (so long as the main characters aren’t bitches, or else my sadness will be turned into wrath). I remember crying over…

    Gatekeepers (the Ruri x Shun touching scenes, especially the last few episodes)
    Vandread (it was wonderful seeing Dita grow up~)
    Card Captor Sakura (Syaoran x Sakura ftw.)
    YUA (the Natsumi x Tokairin scenes, especially)
    Full Moon wo Sagashite (sad love… sad past…)
    Fruits Basket (I remember crying every time the episode gets serious, reveals the characters’ sad past, etc)
    Honey and Clover (romance, friendship, self-realization, you name it.)
    One Piece (ahh. manly friendship… so GAR lol)
    Saikano (TT__TT)
    Gundam Seed

    La Corda d’ Oro (the friendship, and the beautiful bond between the characters prove to be a tear-jerker for me)
    Kaze no Stigma (the tragic loves, especially)
    Oofuri (the beautiful friendship~ even w/o the BL implications)

    …among others.

    Just like Owen, I found myself crying over Shugo Chara as well, with the Batsu-tama kids.

  • I could only remember the last time I cried, with sadness, was in Gurren Lagaan, when Kamina realized that he had stepped on his father’s skull. (some early episode either 2 or 3) He had believed all along that his father was alive and well but instead he found his father dead on a deserted land in such a pathetic manner so that brought me tears of sadness.

    The last time I cried, this time with laughter, was when Irake showed me a video of Gurren Lagaan and they had built up the climax to the maximum and were saying “Who the hell do you think we are?” (I hope I remembered correctly) and his com crashed. Not really related to anime but it certainly was so sudden that we laughed out loud and that brought tears of joy.

  • Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket-
    I cried during the scene where bernard, the pilot of that highly salvaged Zaku, is destroyed by Christina (Bernie’s Potential GirlFren) Gundam.
    Firstly, im touched by the fact that Bernard tried his very best to gather up arms and make full use of his damaged Zaku to fight the Federation new suit to protect the colony from destruction. Even though he himself know that the odds of winning is slim.
    Secondly, it is Christina and Bernard fought each other to a savage battle without knowing who is each other…and christina killed Bernard…..
    Like, how sad… loving couple, fight eachother becos they serve 2 conflicting faction and the reason they fight is to protect the colony. Worst, the tragedy can be avoided if the news of the capture of Zeon warship with nuke is conveyed to Bernard in time….. ARGH~~

    If.. and only if…..

  • I dunno about Vandread, the message at times seems to be along the lines of ‘don’t expect anyone to show you kindness and respect, EVER, unless you stand without help from ANYONE’.

    and Gurren-Lagann is overrated (anyone who ignores reality dies first)! Boooooooo!

  • What a weird list to cry on. The animes all seem so unreal, nothing heart touching.

    Except, of course, Grave of the fireflies. That is based on a true story.

  • I cried at the end of Blood . Kinda pathetic, I know, but I really love that show.

    I think I cried at some point during Naruto, too; maybe at the end of the Bridge Builder arc. I know I was sad for Haku and Zabuza…

  • Self-sacrificial themes always make me cry. Whenever someone give up their life to save another, it makes be bawl like crazy because we all know the world suck and everyone would rather have you dead than themselves.

  • Now that you mentioned it, Yeah, I cried (w/o tears) watching some animes.. especially those slice-of-life or fantasy or mystery, whatever type of animes. Kanon, Clannad to name some of ‘em.

  • “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry with this episode but……..”

    Hmmmm, yeah how often do I see this line lately. Now I finally get to give an answer that might surprise some. Let me think about it here for a second:


    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: In Episode 26 where all the people have there fantasies and you see most of them are humble in origin. Yoko’s one with Kittan all dressed up like a gentleman and them about to get married, Viral being able to have children, Simon seeing Kamina again and remembering his courage, and then all of them realizing it isn’t meant to be and flying up to join what I call the Star of Justice. It was very well done and pulled in every ounce of character they had developed so far in the series to really make you wish that the fantasy could be reality.

    G Gundam: The death of Kyoji and his “Arigato Domon” was pretty depressing. Especially when you learned how he was such a great brother to Domon after all. It felt like they were robbed of there bond there. Also Domon cradling his Master (for whom he still has the utmost respect) in his arms as he gives his dying breath was depressing as hell.

    Macross: Roy Focker’s sudden death as he tried to hold on to life to try Claudia’s Pineapple Salad one last time was shocking and depressing. A great man died who was a mentor to one character, a boyfriend to another, and a hero to many.

    Eureka 7: Ray and Charles never getting to lead a happy life and going down in flames despite being two genuinely good people was depressing as hell.

    Turn A Gundam: The big one, as everyone comes together to mourn the death of Diran Heim. Sochie’s agonized cries over the death of her father coupled with the saddening music actually had me going pretty good. Later it get’s you again when Diana in Kihel’s stead comes to apologize to his tombstone. Every time you see that tombstone you get the sense that a great man who was good to his family, neighbours and workers rest there.

    Those are just a few.

    So basically I tend to cry when good people with virtuous traits, heroes basically, are made to suffer sad fates. It’s the people that do great things and for the greater good that are the ones who’s death or misfortune cause me to cry for them.

  • Kodocha’s high on my list. Even though I love it mostly because it’s freakin hilarious, I cry a lot during it too. Sana, being such a strong child that whenever she actually cries, I’d cry twice as hard.

    Samurai Champloo’s ending got me crying. I mean it’s probably for the best, but it was just sad for me.

    I cried during those early on Naruto-Sasuke moments as well.

    And lastly, an anime that now when I look back on it I think it’s pretty dumb, but back then InuYasha stole a lot of my tears as well.

  • kanon 2006 and other Key/KyoAni line of course ^_^

  • Seen most of the titles mentioned including Kanon and Saikano etc..
    but only cried once while watching Figure 17 Tsubasa & Hikaru.
    Infact, left me tossing in bed for a while before i could sleep.

  • I suppose your tears for Gintama were tears of joy huh? So far the all the episodes have been quite funny without being melodramatic.

    Just wait till the Gintama anime covers the manga chapters 159-162. That’s when it truly gets touching. (;_;)

  • Gungrave: “Brandon…” “Harry…” *BANG!* ;_;
    Fist of the North Star: Rei’s death and Shuh’s death
    Air: enough said
    Noir: Milosh’s death. Yes, he was a disposable NPC, but he should not have died.
    Lucky*Star: Kanata’s story.
    Utawarerumono: When Hakuoro have to go, in the final episode.
    Strawberry Panic: Tamao ;________;

  • I’m a bastard to have forgotten Nadesico. Or rather the Gekigangar series. Watch it and you’d know why I shed tears.

  • lol Gekigangar


  • I can’t recall all of them…
    The weirdest of all was Digimon Adventure…that gotsumon and pumpkin getting destroyed for covering for Matt was a little…harsh given the mood of the anime
    Full Metal Alchemist for both ending modified because of that transmuted girl and the daughter crying for hughes…
    Code Geass, when Lelouch wipes Shirley’s memory…I even memorized those lines, having repeated them so much…
    or when Karen saves her mother and realizes why she always that way
    Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, when all that nonsense starts taking the shape of something real
    DNAngel, at some moment I don’t remember XD maybe during the beach…
    Kumo no mukou, yakusoku no basho, at the end
    Metropolis, at the end as well
    If I cried on others, I can’t remember just now
    What I am sure of is that I usually go past things which I think to be “cheesy” or “shallow” with a bored face
    I just can’t stand Kanon (2004) or Kimi ga nozomu Eien anymore…too much soap-opera-ish for me (I am brazilian, and there are PLENTY of those on regular tv channels)

  • I cry alot during shows , Not only because some scenes are dramatic but also because of the music or of the inspirational content . However a true powerful anime that made me cry with pain was Grave of fireflies , Not only that show was heavy and reflected so much brutal pain . But it also lacked any kind of hope . I guess reality is harsh .. It’s an anime that well make cold hearted bitches cry . ;’( .

  • Lets see…. Clannad… Clannad… Clannad… oh some more Clannad… (After story included lol.)
    Fuko’s arc in particular. And when she came back in After Story…. completely broke down…. I’ve got worse over the years of reading manga/watching anime. First book I cried at was The Amber Spyglass…at the end…won’t say anymore…

    Key’s anime makes me blub… Clannad, Kanon, Air, not so much. Other anime… Denno Coil, the end of Ouran High Host Club, several points of Lovely Complex…

    The first manga which made me cry had to be the end of Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the cards….

  • The main anime i cry at is Konjiki no Gash (zatch) Bell. You may think it’s a weird anime to cry at but i just find some scenes really emotional.

  • i cried on CG when lelouch had to kill ephy .. i also cried at the last 2 or 3 episodes of fruit basket .. i think i cried on bleach and i cried on naruto .. there are probably more but i don’t remember ..

  • I cried during A LOT of Ouran High School Host Club.
    It’s gotten pretty bad actually, I’ve watched the series, like, six times and if I watch the opening song I tear up.

    Almost all of Elfen Lied. I loved Lucy. (no pun intended) Damn those bastard children that beat that dog.

  • Ack, I forgot some…

    InuYasha, I don’t know why but it’s just so….. Idk

    Fruits Basket…. Momiji’s story was so sad… hell, all of their stories were.

    Fullmetal Alchemist…. Do I have to say anymore?


  • Er… no one will kill me if I say that Pokémon made me cry… right?

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