Gundam Episode 9 Thoughts

This week’s Gundam Double-Oh is finally decent. The Gundam Meisters and merry bridge bunnies get into trouble due to their ridiculous slackness and ineptitude.

First off, Lockon visits a grave and his evil twin brother appears! Lockon’s twin brother, Key-on! Actually, it looks like Sumeragi but all anime characters look the same if you just replace the hair.

This may look like Lock-on, but it’s Key-on!

All 4 Gundams return to space and are put on maintenance, at the same time, even though they aren’t crippled or even damaged at all. Wow, so much for being ready for enemy attack. Say you have onboard a totally unarmed transport ship, without any base support, hanging around in space. You have made enemies of the entire globe, 3 mega federations in particular who already have control of space. Would you a) stay on at least moderate alert status and be wary of enemy attack or b) hang around in your skimpy civillian clothes, remove the Gundam legs for a nice overhaul and leave the ONLY command bridge of the ship unattended save for one inexperienced crew member?

Only in the world of modern Gundam, would option B be a preferred choice.

Speaking of which, Lockon and the stoic bridge bunny girl reveal their secret emotions to each other. Allelujah walks in on them and is embarrassed. It is also revealed that the bustier bridge bunny girl has a thing going on with Allelujah. Btw, it appears that stupid names like Lockon are actually a phony! Lockon’s real name is Neil Dilandi or something and he’s from Ireland. And Haro has a big Haro family, like the Dango Daikazoku.

Keyon’s twin brother touches bridgebunny (stoic) excessively as though she was the girlfriend. Not pictured here is his hand on her body.

Bridgebunny (male) gets rejected by Bridgebunny (busty) and thus does not bother with the sensors, leading to DOOM. Can you say Pearl Habour in space?

So the Scarface Major from China attacks, with a clever ploy. First he sends out swarms of little communications modules into space, covering as much area as possible. When these modules inadvertently get jammed by the GN particles, it’ll reveal the exact location of the CB transport ship. He has an elite MS squandron readied to launch at all times to prepare for the critical moment.

Meanwhile, the Gundam lads make merry in their little ship.

The dimwit bridge bunny boy fails to notice the huge amounts of little Chinese satellites, and since he was the only one on the bridge, nobody else spots it till Busty One returns. Oh no, the Chinese are coming! 36 MSes onboard 4 transport ships called "Laohu" (Tiger)! The Laohu remind me of the harvesters from Vandread, they are cool.

Vandread Stage 3.

Sumeragi is the worst strategist I’ve ever seen. She orders Kyrios and Virtue to head out in two separate directions, as a diversion, leaving only meleeboy Exia and a half-cripped-due-to-needless-maintenance Dynames on board. Hurray, she just isolated her the more two space-adept machines and left them to run around in space for nothing! She claims to have been expecting Major Scarface to send all 4 of his Laohu through like a blind shounen hero charge, so Kyrios and VIrtue can do a long flank and attack them from the rear, thus forming a pincer attack.

Guess what? This is Dynames’ left leg. Cue "Polly wants a cracker" and "Davy Jones’ locker" jokes.

But no! Major Scarface sends two of his Laohu (albeit emptied of its passenger MS) to engage the diversions, thus both wasting Kyrios and Virtue’s time and still keeping his fighting forces concentrated on the mother ship. Ok, to understand how stupid Sumeragi is, let us use an analogy.

If you send out "diversions", wouldn’t you expect the formation to be as such? But no, her plans are foiled BECAUSE the enemy followed the diversion?

I need to hunt a rabbit because I’m dying of hunger. I have one carrot. I throw my carrot on the ground and hide. A rabbit appears and takes the carrot. That’s good right? NO IT ISN’T! Because you have no way of catching the rabbit! The rabbit runs off with your carrot!!! I actually secretly hoped for the rabbit to not take the carrot and to charge head on at me so my carrot and I can pincer attack it. HURRAY FOR GENERAL SUMERAGI!

Turns out the real aim of Scarface is to capture Kyrios and Virtue and the attack on the mothership is a mere diversion. Speaking of which, if you have a trillion dollar terrorist organisation, and one super high-tech mother ship which requires only 4 bridge crew, would you hire a) skilled, level-headed and experienced professionals or b) kids who cower in fear when enemies shoot at you or c) the kids of your deceased subordinates or d) busty women?


Correct answer in Gundam world is of course, B, C and D.

Episode ends here! I must add that Gundam 00 tries to be a mainstream version of Eden (the manga) with its psedo-politics, but they really need to just fight more.

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  • I had something to say…but got distracted by the pix in the J-List banner. Now I can’t remember what I wanted to say.

  • A Gundam episode which everybody is agreeing is GOOD for a change?

    I’m so watching this after my LAJ exam tomorrow.

    LOL at the Haro Daikazoku. Haro, haro, haro, haro, haro daikazoku…

  • im more interested in the OO Grunt’s mobile suit design than those silly overpowered gundam.

  • hmm hmm i would choose A and D for the last MCQ… =D

    who noes next episode we would have the CB’s supporter coming out to defend them… … lol

  • @Ascaloth: A lot of Gundam is good, unfortunately there hasn’t been one that has been really good since 1999. I think of Seed as more of a straight up kids show then anything.

  • Tiger is ラオフゥ actually. The transports are called ラオホゥ. Unless it’s some Chinese dialect…

  • Maybe the Japanese just suck at Chinese? Either way, I’m now guessing it’s Lao Hou “OLD MONKEY”.

    The only good Gundam in this century has been MS Igloo. Period.

  • I’ve heard that Gundam Unicorn is good as well, but haven’t had a chance to read any of it. They really seem to be sinking a lot of effort into that novel series.

  • “I need to hunt a rabbit because I’m dying of hunger. I have one carrot. I throw my carrot on the ground and hide. A rabbit appears and takes the carrot. That’s good right? NO IT ISN’T! Because you have no way of catching the rabbit! The rabbit runs off with your carrot!!!”

    Well here’s hoping for a few assumptions the producers made and just didn’t animate in the show:

    1. Your analogy makes perfect sense – except in that analogy, you were alone. Lets assume that the Ptlomey was a carrot (albeit a carrot that fights back) while your partners come out from behind the trees to snatch the rabbit as it leaps onto the carrot. (One can only assume) Sumeragi wanted to use the Ptlomey as bait and had confidence that the ship could take a serious beating to make the trap work.

    2. The Kyrios and Virtue could have thought that the containers were full of mobile suits and, at first, would have approached them slowly or cautiously. That’s the only real explanation I can think of, since both of these Gundams could just blow them away. Heck, the Kyrios could just ram it in half if it can survive hundreds of exploding space mines. I personally didn’t like how one Gundam that owns Double Zeta’s mega cannon would be held up by a few mobile suit carriers, or how a copy of the Zeta Gundam didn’t just fly past them on his side – but hey this is the first ‘good’ episode so I’ll buy it.

    3. And why would space mines hold the Kyrios back from going at full speed? One guess is that the producers assumed the concussive force of the mines would rock the Kyrios off course and slow down its velocity long enough for Fire Team Pink to come along and beat the crap out of it. I don’t know how space physics work, I’m just taking guesses at what the staff could have drawn up in the back.

  • Watched this episode. If I remember correctly, there was no statement about Kyrios or Virtue being on maintenance; they could very well be on standby while Exia and Dynames were on maintenance.

    Fairly decent episode, if hurt by the fact that the buildup to it wasn’t sufficient.

  • I wouldn’t call Sumeragi the worst strategist. Her actions would’ve been correct against a mere mortal commander. But she was up against “Andrew Bartdfelt wannabe”!

    A mere mortal commander would know they were diversions and continue on. Major “Russian”(not Chinese) Andrew Bartdfelt however knew they were diversions and engaged them with empty transports. Kyrios and Virtue with communications blacked out from Sumeragi were forced (due to training) to engage the enemies delaying their supposed pincer attack since they will kill anything in their path. Sumeragi misjudged her opponent and knew it was Mr Russian Bear of the North or whatever you wanna call him.

    LOL….he’ll join CB later on with an eye patch. I’m sure of it.

  • Well, to be honest, Gundam is pretty much the game yesterday today and maybe forever… so who knows?

  • I hope Hallelujah takes over and turns on Allelujah’s comrades.

  • The triangle thingies on the radar are the carrots, correct?

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