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Nyoro Strip 1.4: Fansubbers are EVILLLL.

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I’m sure nobody really cares but recently, Formula fansubbers, who have been subbing Shugo Chara, have announced that they will no longer be doing a Xvid encode and will be sticking to h264 all the way. While it has never been the policy of this site to discuss the fansub scene explicitly, this announcement was brought to my attention by a certain very, very angry person on IRC who was literally frothing with madness on this apparently wicked move.

Seriously, 99% of people upon hearing this piece of news will go, "Huh, so what? Who cares? I’ll just get the h264/crunchyroll/youtube/rmvb version instead." Indeed, it would seem logical to do so, because your having a shit computer is no fault of the fansubbers. Imagine this:


This is an analogous situation to the fansub one and thus, totally ridiculous. How dare these lil’ nasty fansubbers not cater to the good ol’ folks running Pentium 1 and Windows 95 eh?

Frankly, if Formula had the time, I would much prefer them subbing Moonlight Mile Season 2.

Popularity: 13% [?]

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31 Responses to “Nyoro Strip 1.4: Fansubbers are EVILLLL.”  

  1. 1 0rion 51 comments

    rofl @ the last panel.

    I think that’s the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud at one of those Churuya comics.

  2. 2 Runningkid

    Seems like I am part of the 99%.

    and yeah, more moonlight mile would be nice

  3. 3 Extrange 6 comments

    DIE IN YIFF HELL, FURFAG! (quoting you, Tj.)

    Really, if your computer can’t run it don’t blame se subber who are doing all this work for free…want decent quality and subs? Wait for DVD releases and buy them. If not, you don’t have any reason to whine and cheese.

  4. 4 Ojamajo_LimePie 2 comments

    I’d have to ask that 1%, “Exactly how old is your computer?” Mine’s a few years old, and it handles h264 just fine.

  5. 5 Calawain 23 comments

    I agree with this post

  6. 6 edogawaconan 42 comments

    hey, I do care. And I actually HAPPY with this announcement. :D

  7. 7 Kabitzin 81 comments

    Go to an anime blog that takes a lot of screencaps, download all of them, and then cycle through them very quickly. Then read the summary. Problem solved!

  8. 8 Knowngni 7 comments

    Oh man I LOLed hard, That last frame took me by surprised (when i read, i scrolled down with the mouse wheel to read 1 frame at a time)

    It doesnt take much to play h264’s. I basically was running off a VIA intergrated graphics chip till september before I spent $25 USD on a Sapphire Atlantis ATI 9600 pro AGP video card (limited to agp till i replace mobo) and now I can play 1280×768 h.264 videos without lag (CoreAVC Codec of course, only slight lag in high motion scenes if I used FFDshow’s libavcodec).

    So its not really that expensive to make a computer able to play high quality h264’s. If I had a pci-e slot, i probably could have saved $5 and gotten a $20 card that would of worked

  9. 9 ephemient 1 comment

    I’ve always disliked the dual-format releases that fansubbers have been doing lately; it’s really better, efficiency-wise, to have 200 people on one torrent rather than 100 people on one torrent and 100 people on another.

    I have no idea what players are available on Windows, but on my Linux laptop, I can tune down mplayer’s decoding quality and watch HD stuff (in SD quality). Nothing wrong with that…

  10. 10 LianYL 680 comments

    Who cares about fansubs?

  11. 11 Musa 36 comments

    Well I used to support h264 and felt that the avi container with xvid/divx is passé, but my recent situation at home has caused me to think otherwise.

    I own a LCDTV and a divx hdmi upscale dvd player and you have no idea how good it is to slouch in your sofa in the living room watching animes on a huge widescreen tv.

    I own only one computer so it’s not practical to connect my only PC to the tv in the living room. So I’m left with watching old divx/xvid animes on my tv, while I watch my h264 animes on the computer.

    So the day they can hack blu-ray/hddvd players to play matroska containers in h264, is the day I can say goodbye to watching animes on my puny computer lcd screen.

    So you can see that another reason why xvid avis are still around because you get to watch them on your huge TV screen via a divx enabled dvd player. And yes, divx dvd players are able to play almost all xvid codecs.

  12. 12 Lindus 4 comments

    Musa: Why don’t you just connect your computer up to your TV? If you bought an LCDTV worth a thing, there should be some kind of PC input, whether it be VGA or DVI. I have a 32″ Vizio which has a VGA port, and I can’t say that Vizio are a name brand like sharp and samsung. It also saves you the trouble of burning things to a DVD. The desktop that is hooked up to it also serves as my torrent box so it’s quite convenient.

  13. 13 Lindus 4 comments

    There needs to be a delete function. I apparently can’t read. My bad.

  14. 14 Musa 36 comments

    @Lindus: Well, in fact I have thought about building a cheap PC to hook up to the TV, but it takes time and money (and space) and it still won’t play Blu-ray / HDDVDs. Perhaps when Blu-ray/HDDVD combo drives for the PC are abundant and affordable (together with better video software), then I can safely boast all-format compatibility. In the meantime, I’m resigned to switching between TV and Computer for my anime viewing.

  15. 15 DarkMirage 42 comments

    It has been statistically proven that most complaints about h264 slowdowns are due to badly configured software rather than hardware.

    It is seriously very difficult to find computers that can’t play h264 videos at full speed unless we are talking about 1080p.

  16. 16 edogawaconan 42 comments

    It has been statistically proven that most complaints about h264 slowdowns are due to badly configured software rather than hardware.

    It is seriously very difficult to find computers that can’t play h264 videos at full speed unless we are talking about 1080p.

    correctly configured, a pc with pentium 3 733mhz and 128mb of ram can play sd h264 smoothly (albeit without deblocking).

    @Musa: guess what, you can just build the pc first and add a bd/hd-dvd drive later. LOL

  17. 17 DS 13 comments

    Where’s the nyoro~n?

  18. 18 Calawain 23 comments

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done video editing, but can’t you just fire up VirtualDub and convert an .mkv to an .avi with subtitles if you know what you are doing? That can solve the problem if your issue is trying to pay it on a DVD player not on a computer. If it’s just for playback on your computer I don’t see how any computer newer than 5 years would have trouble with .mkv.

  19. 19 Karry 9 comments

    “If for whatever reason you need an XviD version, you can just re-encode it yourself, just please don’t redistribute it around since it cannot be considered as an official release from us.”

    If i ever decide to reencode something - i am so distributing it.

  20. 20 tj_han 1226 comments

    All these wise suggestions are good and all, but you see, the so, so angry man does not want to a) configure his software b) reencode c) add hardware, but instead would rather whine on the Internet. So sometimes, solutions exist to problems but it is out of laziness or inertia that nothing is done to utilise them.

  21. 21 LianYL 680 comments

    Inertia is calculated by MR^2.

  22. 22 kokanaden 328 comments

    Fuck la, stop whining and get a PS3.

  23. 23 TheBigN 14 comments

    So I’m wondering how one does go about re-encoding stuff. It’s only like the second time I’ve heard of that as a solution, and recently at that. A couple of months ago, I was one of the people complaining about not being able to watch high-quality subs since I didn’t know what to do about them. I wasn’t like fansubbers are EVIL, but it did make me sad, since it was the only way for me to see certain series. I’m not a flamer, so flaming isn’t my style. :P

  24. 24 Impz 38 comments

    I laughed. It’s time to upgrade.

  25. 25 Calawain 23 comments


    If you google VirtualDub (html links tend to get your comments eaten by filters) you can find the best free software for encoding. I believe there was a thread on encoding fansubs to DVD player formats on the AnimeSuki forums somewhere but I cannot recall. Otherwise use the magic of google, there are many tutorials out there for using it to encode, it’s fairly simple to just have it switch formats.

  26. 26 manga 24 comments

    Weird, I think it was mkv files that I watched using WMP. One file at a time but still, I watched it using WMP.

    And yes, before I found WMC I was one of those who disliked the ogm/mkv format. But that was just out of laziness :( Didn´t want to change the player I was using and I didn´t know of any good players that supported that format.

    When I found MPC all my problems were solved.

    And now, I don´t really care what format the fansubs are in, as long as I can somehow watch them I´m happy.

  27. 27 quendidil 4 comments

    I love mkvs because I can turn off the subs.:P

  28. 28 ZeroG 78 comments

    MKV lags on my system too. I remember how sick and tired i was when full set of Happiness! is only encoded in .mkv. Turning on the subtitles = watching audio picture book @ 1 picture/2s. GIMME WATASE JUN!!.

    Avi, despite being lower in resolution, is much Ancient Computer Friendly.
    I, too, shall QQ about it

  29. 29 edogawaconan 42 comments

    MKV lags on my system too. I remember how sick and tired i was when full set of Happiness! is only encoded in .mkv. Turning on the subtitles = watching audio picture book @ 1 picture/2s. GIMME WATASE JUN!!.

    HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA….. what system are you using? intel pentium 133? amd k5? 486 series?
    LOL :D

  30. 30 Hiyuu 46 comments

    Hmm, i do notice my comp stressing only when playing HUGE widescreen h264 1280×720, but everything else works fine! (i think it’s because of my lack of RAM…)

    And 1 for MKV ’s ability to remove subtitles, switch audio or install multiple add-ons easily! greatest invention since sliced bread.

  31. 31 quigonkenny 2 comments

    I’m lolling at the suggestion to reencode. If your computer is already too slow to play H264, then it will take just about as long to go out, buy parts for a new computer that will play H264, build said new computer, load the OS, drivers, codecs, and MPC, and watch the video on that new computer, as it will to reencode it on the old computer.

    Actually, I am exaggerating.

    But just a little. Even on current computers, encoding is a resources-intensive process, and if you’re stuck back in the dark ages of single cores, sub-gigahertz processors, under 256MB of RAM, and/or no hardware support from the video card, which (barring an aforementioned configuration/codec issue) is what it’s going to take to keep you from watching H264, you’re in for one painful wait if you try to reencode.

    Great solution for Musa’s problem though, since playing H264 isn’t the problem.

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