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[LianYL] BRStick - 51

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15 Responses to “[LianYL] BRStick - 51”  

  1. 1 edogawaconan 37 comments


    btw, @tj_han: new header image? o.oa

  2. 2 0rion 50 comments


    But but…fresh baked melon pan and choco cornets really are delicious! And go and mahjong really are fun to play (well, if you’re into boring brainiac games, anyway)!

    And…anime is fun to watch with other people? >_>

  3. 3 tj_han 1064 comments

    So true. But that’s only because you didn’t eat Azuma’s legendary SUSHI MELON JAPAN!

  4. 4 V2 18 comments

    hmm… ”

    you are what you eat after what you watch”?

  5. 5 Setsuna-san 14 comments

    are our minds so weak that we succumb so easily influenced by anime???? have you no shame????
    well, that said, i have to go and have my daily dose of Pocky now.

  6. 6 l-lawliet 39 comments

    The Hikaru no Go thing is very true for many sg Go players. (including me)
    From what I know, most of the poly/jc students that are playing Go now are all influenced by HnG.
    And surprisingly the hobby lasted for years for many of them. Till today, some of them actually became top Go players in SG. Some even became Go instructors for primary school kids, earning up to $70 an hour.
    So I guess just for that particular one its not a bad thing after all.

    Buying melon pan and choc cornette are just temporary fanboy retarded-ness. Again, I am one of the victims for buying these.

  7. 7 Owen S 99 comments

    Haha, so true. I remember eating melon-pan and was initially like “WTF WHERE IS THE FILLING” before realising that it had none. And you had Shana eat it like it was manna from heaven. Wtf, really.

  8. 8 whyecks 2 comments

    you could try including taiyaki for kanon, but i love it (and no its not fanboy-ism, they taste great when done properly!)

  9. 9 korosora 8 comments

    haha atleast no berry ramen… EWWW…

  10. 10 zenical 8 comments

    this is very true @@

  11. 11 Irake 2 comments

    Yeah, I have HnG to thank for introducing me to Go. However, the melonpan and chocolate cornet experience is just as you portrayed…

  12. 12 Sylon Beta 30 comments

    But the chocolate cornets are fine. I had them before watching Lucky Star, so it’s not some fanboyism.

  13. 13 ZeroG 74 comments

    i gotta admit man. Anime is fucking good at influencing their audience with all those “Favorite Hobby/Food/Sports/Game/sexposition” of XXX chara.

    Classic example will be doraemon’s dorayaki . I wouldnt even had considered buying 1 if i havent seen doraemon goes GAGA over it in the series. It fact, its juz redbean paste sandwiched between 2 slices of pancakes. That’s it, nothing that amazing truth to speak. Same goes to Taiyaki, the bag of snacks Ayu stole…. Not a great food, juz like those pancakes u can get from Mr Beans but with the shape of a fish. But still, I am willing to spend $2 for it juz becos Ayu is cute and i can relate the taiyaki im eating to be the one she hugged.

    Juz a side note. WHY does SAI have to leave in HnG!? WHY WHY WHY?!?!

  14. 14 IcyStorm 7 comments

    I suppose most of this is true, but I do like the taiyaki that Ayu adored in Kanon, and choco cornets are pretty good.

  15. 15 TP 17 comments

    To unspoil my image of how xXx character goes delighted over XxX foodstuff, I ate a traditional foodstuff, imagine it having the same taste as XxX, and go gaga over it like it was how xXx envision/feel.

    That’s how I spent my teenage life, I think.

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