The title says it all.

I’ve always had a phobia for horror movies. Never could stomach any. The last time I went to a horror movie in a cinema was when I was dragged in and forced to watch Ju-on. My friends (are they really ?) paid for my ticket too. But I spent the entire time after the first scene just rolled up in a tight ball with my eyes and ears covered.

I like anime since it’s never scary. There may be gorefests, like TOKKO, but these aren’t scary. Not the least bit. But Higurashi no Naku Koroni is another thing altogether. Here I was watching a somewhat typical harem, just with a sinister hint now and then, when THAT shocking scene pops up. OMG OMG OMG at that moment my heart stopped beating for about 2 seconds. I think I fainted cos everything just went blur.

People with cardiac problems, pregnant women and young children, please heed my warning and refrain from watching Higurashi no Naku Koroni if you want to live!!

But it is really a very entertaining and thrilling show.

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  1. 1 meganeshounen

    If what’s you’re saying is true, then I really shouldn’t be watching any more… girls + knives = scary.
    But I can’t stop myself from watching novels turned anime. Thank you Shana and Haruhi. :D

  2. 2 Eleutheria

    I went and bought the original sound novel by 7th dimension…

  3. 3 Anga

    I haven’t watched Higurashi past first episode so can’t comment myself. But after reading that i am not sure will want to try.

    Maybe few months ago i tried to watch Hitsuji no Uta OVA. It was nice and everything, but during second episode mood of the series was so confined that to stay sane i had to stop watching. It felt too real and i am not ready risk sanity because of anime. I have no problems with tons of blood similar to Elfen lied, but that Hitsuji just was too much.

  4. 4 deftoned

    When Rena went a little Kaede-like there, it was pretty creepy. After watching the first 2 eps subbed, I’m really curious about the very first scene in ep 1, with the bat and beating. Being an apparently 26 episode series I wonder how this will play out because I feel it should be about 13. Haven’t read any of the novels, so who knows! I definately like this series.

  5. 5 Fuse01

    If ep. 2 scared you you need to see eps 3 even raw its creepy

  6. 6 T_T|||

    26 episodes? OMFG. Only two episodes and so much creepy shit, I don’t think I’ll be able to survive all of them. But I’ve Sound’s music rocks as usual.

  7. 7 tik

    Indeed that particular scene in Ep 2 involving REna and Keichi is very well done. And yes, the I’ve OP is fantanstic for this series as it suits the whole atmosphere so well.

  8. 8 kacpy

    I’m loving the show so far. I love creepy stories and this one simply wins (last time I was this much into a mystery show was Cossette). Hopefully the LOVE will stick ’til the end. StudioDeen please dont fuck it up.I think the pre-op sequence in ep1 is either the ending (which would kind of suck, as I’d rather have that kind of ending hit with a bang) or one possible ending to this story. I don’t think it’s a flashback, since it clearly features Mion and Rena (and probably Keiichi).About the 26 episodes… doesn’t the sub-title ("demoned away"/"the hidden demon") make you think the show will have several arcs?

  9. 9 tj_han

    Yeah I don’t see how this can keep up with 26 episodes. I’ll continue watching this, with a cardiac defibrillator and some pills beside me.

  10. 10 tik

    ya I think this show will have at least six to seven arc according to some sites that I have visited, and it seems that the first arc (Onikakushi-hen) will be ending soon. It also seems that there are still more chapters yet to come out from the original game, from what I gather so far.

  11. 11 Hopeless

    I just watched the first two episodes the other night, and I’m shocked. I never really expected such a show that I’d never really planned to watch to  make such an impression on me. I’m quite upset that the story is 26 episodes long, because I have an intense desire to know the mysteries of the series now, not in September.

  12. 12 Ningyo

    I know what you mean, it was the same with me when I watched the second episode! It’s the first time an anime scared me like that :P I just love this anime….

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