New Layout Up at Last.

K2 is a lot harder to modify than all my older themes. Being the total php n00b, 5283209234 brain cells die everytime I try to improve the layout of this site.

I modified the banner slightly to fit the new layout. But it’s still mostly default K2. My previous layout did not work with people who used a resolution below 1024×768 as the banner got cut off. Those who used higher resolutions saw a repeating banner. But readability was better with a wider window, so it’s a tradeoff I guess.

Any comments or suggestions?  

9 Responses to “New Layout Up at Last.”  

  1. 1 scottfrye

    Looks pretty good for being a K2 style. Although I actually liked your previous layout a little better but its good to have another convert to K2.

  2. 2 Kenny Liu

    I like this layout more compared to your old one. Good job

  3. 3 psgels

    I like it. It’s very simplistic, everything is well-located, I love the banner. Though I’m not too sure about whether the color choice of the background is  totally right….

  4. 4 Mariana Luz

    I prefer your previous layout… This layout is… umm… too bright to me.. but I am fine with this layout.

  5. 5 Hopeless

    I really like this layout, too. I’m no expert on them, as my own blog can atest to, but this one really seems to fit well together, and looks and feels…organic, somehow.

  6. 6 tj_han

    What’s organic when used in this context? I always thought organic meant carbon-based. haha.

  7. 7 kwok

    Organic means having shapes, colours etc that feel "alive", so to speak. More accurately, it is used to describe what is the opposite of mechanical and technical; that is to say, your design doesn’t make use of blocks and fixed, straight lines and boxy shapes yada yada this is bs.Anyway, I like this one too. The black-orange thing was ugly.

  8. 8 tj_han

    I see. I was pretty much a science student. Yeah so i get Blood ! Nucleotides eh..

    But besides the predominant circular logo, everything else is straight or boxed. I do feel this is better than the old one but some people think otherwise. Perhaps the background needs to be lightened.

  9. 9 kwok

    Leave it for now unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Which you do. Anyway, its a lot more visible and easier-to-read than the previous one, which used white on black. White font on black background is a TOTAL NO-NO in web design. It tires the eyes.

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