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It’s Christmas Eve!

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And I see 45 percent of the "otakus" on my MSN list online.

Anyway, before I run out of the house, here’s just a short post.

DJ Spy Hunter, following the success of his Anime Jack o’ Lanterns, has come up with a Lucky Star Christmas Tree this time. Check it out here, it’s very cute.

LianYL, DarkMirage, Kwok and Shia-chan left for Japan last night so the BRStick #56 is not a lie. They just finished a visit to the soapload massage parlour and are heading for some prostitutes next. Akiba is not on their itinerary.

I read 30 volumes of the BECK manga. I must say without the sound, it’s not quite as good as the anime. It’s like, whenever Koyuki sings, the world gets a shock.

Miki is the best of the Guardian Charas.

Macross Frontier is out. I have to see it.

Moyashimon ended 3 days ago. FUCK THAT! I can’t believe that the microbes played barely any part in the show after the 4th episode or so, and it became a school comedy with little plot progression. Kei is a transvestite and the ending was so ambiguous.

Minamike 12 was excellent. This show really only gets good when the male characters appear, the females by themselves are very bland.

Dragonaut is steadily improving in quality, but there are still many LOL-KAZUKI moments. I need to do another Diaries of Kazuki soon.

Kotomi is lame. Can we have Kyou and Ryou already?

Taiho Shichauzo Full Throttle is like having beautiful women slap you. It hurts but you still like it.

I spent 4 entire days packing my room. The 1700 manga is very very hard to manage and I realised I have a coupe of doubles, and some volumes missing. I wrapped them in bundles of 10, using up at least 200 metres of clingwrap. The vaccum cleaner was also used to remove the 10 cm thick dust layers. Also, I packed up all the trading figures sets in ziploc bags, and intend to sell them. Maihime, Gunslinger Girls, Rozen Maiden, Mecha Musume etc are all going for cheap.

With some friends, we baked a lot of cookies for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about the science of cooking cookies but I’ll do a bit of research before writing an article on that.

Merry Christmas in front of your computer screens lads!

Popularity: 5% [?]

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8 Responses to “It’s Christmas Eve!”  

  1. 1 Windbell 20 comments

    The last I heard what that LianYL got laid while Kwok and Shia-chan filmed the thing down. DM was the director.

    Merry Christmass :)

  2. 2 NovaJinx 8 comments

    I don’t know about other people, but I tend to spend Christmas eve at home with my family and thus mostly on computer and thus on IRC. It’s not exactly one of the greatest go-out-for-party-days of the year in Finland. Agreed with the text on Minami-ke, the male characters are the true stars of the show

  3. 3 primeparadigm 10 comments

    Macross Frontier based upon the first episode alone looks very very promising, watched the raw and am definitely hyped up for the rest of the series, though I lament that the VF-17 has been reduced to mere cannon fodder. I curse the long wait we have until the next episode is released in the Spring season.

  4. 4 IKnight 5 comments

    Merry Christmas to you too. 1,700 seems a little overboard, but each to his own.

  5. 5 Zer0 94 comments

    I held TJ Han’s hand last night *blush*

  6. 6 zenical 8 comments

    merry christmas! =D

  7. 7 kokanaden 259 comments



  8. 8 Asoukai 74 comments

    it’s a trick, that’s why he says the science of cooking cookies.

    not that it matters. BWAHAHAHA.

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