[LianYL] You Just Need A Windbreaker To Survive The Present Temperature In Tokyo. Add An Extra Scarf If You Might Prefer.

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I am presently not in Japan. I am, in fact, hiding in a secret underground nuclear bunker in my awesome high-flying blimp, whereby I warp over to Japan once in a while using a time machine that I installed within my desk drawer. Apparently, that is what many people chose to believe. In any case, I am not as patient as DarkMirage as to account for every minute incident that happened to him in his Japan travels so I am going to leave a bunch of pictures, after which I shall flip around my horrifyingly huge stack of doujin and snicker to myself as I sleep. Kwok, shia and I bought a total of 5 Hinagiku T2 doujin books to auction off to a couple of chumps.

I thought this scene was nice


Kwok found some gold in a rubbish dump, seriously


This would be stuffed with cigarette butts if it’s implemented over in Singapore


Toranoana in Akihabara was selling a doujin I imported from them at 400 yen more than that I paid


One big Konata




Even the train stations know how to sell themselves

A nice floor ad in K-Books in Ikebukuro


This is no longer the entrance to ‘animate’, and it pissed DarkMirage off


This is DarkMirage


Toranoana can be found in Ikebukuro


I like the contrast


This was my dinner today


Bought on behalf of a friend, the black controller was the last in Sofmap. Man, I want one too but that price can get me 2 Fujitsubo Machine doujin books

That’s all for now. Visit DM’s site if you’d like more information.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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17 Responses to “[LianYL] You Just Need A Windbreaker To Survive The Present Temperature In Tokyo. Add An Extra Scarf If You Might Prefer.”  

  1. 1 double 115 comments

    Seems like you guys are having fun. No pictures of your daily loot?

  2. 2 kokanaden 336 comments


  3. 3 TP 37 comments


    …I thought you’re done with Comiket already…

  4. 4 tj_han 1442 comments


  5. 5 Anya 17 comments

    Ooh, Fujitsubo Machine fans. o/ Be sure to get that Nanao Naru x Itou Noiji collaboration book if you go to C73. \

  6. 6 LianYL 785 comments

    @TP Comiket only starts on 29th.

  7. 7 0rion 52 comments

    Aww man, you just had to go and censor everybody, didn’t you? ;P

  8. 8 leefe 120 comments

    I’d kill for the Hinagiku Artbook.. and the Ito X Nanao doujin as well ^^;
    2 extra Hina ones I presume? =X

  9. 9 Windbell 21 comments

    Damn! Should have brought more T2 doujinshis during my Japan Trip to auction off. :p

    Lovely pictures btw.

  10. 10 Stifler 105 comments


  11. 11 wongtcsg 31 comments

    Dear tj_han,
    i have some feelings which are the same as yours…fuck…i wanna go too.
    Is that how you feel or am i mistaken?

    Dear LianYL,
    so there will be an auction on all those books. Good.

    Dear stifler,
    indeed is a melon pan or bun or bread whatever. But i think it don taste like melon. ^.^

  12. 12 ZeroG 82 comments

    soak it in water and it will become watermelon-pan

  13. 13 exaltdragon 163 comments

    @zeroG: If you’ve ever eaten Por Lor Pau from Crystal Jade or any Tim Sum restaurant, melonpan tastes quite similar to it except that there’s no meat inside. It’s basically just bread with a sugary egg white custard on top.(Ask the food scientist if you don’t believe me)

  14. 14 leefe 120 comments

    Tasted the melon-pan from Holland V. It’s just a plain bun with a sweet outer crust. Not really as awesome as Shana makes it out to be ^^;

  15. 15 Hiyuu 46 comments

    Note to self: When in Japan, dig thru local trash - u never know what you might find.

    What DID he find?!?

    leefe : That’s cuz yours is from Holland V -.-” try Sun Moulin next time for a better guage of Japanese bread!

  16. 16 LianYL 785 comments

    The meron-pan in Japan is totally different from the ‘bo luo bao’ you people speak of. The taiwanese version of Shana novels always translates meron-pan into bo luo bao(pineapple bread), but that’s totally wrong. The ‘pineapple bread” has a thick, sweet crust on the top of the bread that cracks in several patterns but the meron-pan’s shape was deliberately made that way. Not to mention the extra sugar coating on the top of a meron-pan.

  17. 17 leefe 120 comments

    @Hiyuu: Where’s Sun Moulin :0 I’d go have a look when I have the chance lol

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