[LianYL] 500 Yen For A Doujin Gashapon Pack Only To Receive Four Freakin’ Futanari Doujins. This Will Not Do.

As a certain 70-year-old sage once said, you go to Japan to buy goods that you are unable to buy back in your country, and not to buy commercial “limited first press” rubbish that can be found even 3 years later in discount bins. So when I was told how unfortunate I was to not have been able to get some “limited edition” Lucky Star KEY CHAIN MEH, I was really amused. In any case, I shopped for a bunch of Touhou music and some other relatively older second-hand OSTs which were really dirt cheap. I managed to get the Gintama OP and ED by redballoon at 400 yen each, not to mention an absolutely fantastic Hanataba Touhou album, more on Hanataba later on when I fly back home.

Due to Danny Choo recently posting about Tenga on his website, I received a few requests to bring back some uber high tech fapping mechanism. Oh well. Actually I am rather glad that no one requested for stuff painted with anime girls because those cost three times the price of Tenga stuff. The purchasing experience was a rather hilarious one. Once I entered the den of adult goods, I made a beeline for the Tenga shelf and and grabbed whatever was asked of me to buy. The other shoppers around me gave a weird look which I cannot fathom why. It was only until when I wanted to pay at the cashier then did I realise that I had been holding onto the “US Tenga” models, no wonder they looked a lot larger. So I guess the weird looks were stares of envy, too bad I do not deserve it, nor do all those puny Asians who got me to buy them.

On to other stuff, two years ago, Fujitsubo Machine goods were like dirt and I apparently managed to get them at less than 600 yen each. Now with all the obnoxious and obscene overhyping, you can’t find a single Ito Noizi work selling under 3000 yen, which is totally stupid. I managed to get her 2007 calendar at 600 yen though, most probably because I only have 3 days left to use it. Come on, Ito Noizi’s artworks are nice, but not all that godly. Two pieces of Shana paper going for 3150 yen? You must be kidding. Nanao Naru is another overhyped artist, you’ll never find a single Ice and Choco doujin going under 3500 yen. These people buying it all because of sola must have totally lost it. 500-1000 yen for nice and cool artwork? Yeah, why not. 3000-5000 yen? Give me a break, you’re not Cradle nor Kei, and we shouldn’t have to pay 6000 yen for a thin piece of Cradle art either. Total doujin absurdity I’d say, I hope the doujin market crashes soon.

The correct way to shop in Akihabara is to shop for second-hand goods. Apparently many noobs go for first-hand, over-priced, over-hyped bullshit.


I took three huge paper bags onto my bed to spread out my doujin purchases for photo taking but later realised that it’d be impossible. What you see is a very small proportion of what I bought.

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