Hail the Winner of Best Mascot Golden Dango Award + Other Issues

I got back my semester grades and they stank. But in the depths of this unspeakable pain, a shining golden light provided salvation – the Golden Dango Awards. Dear Tripeman won Best Mascot of Anime Blogging Eternity, because frankly, he is the best that there can ever be. Mirai-tan ([Danny Choo]), Demo-tan ([Heisei Democracy]), AB-tan, ADD-Lim (Tsubaki) and other mascots may have more of this unhealthy condiment known as "moe" but Tripeman is like Rambo, Azuma Kazuma, Gintoki, Simon, Char and Kurono Kei all combined into one delicious package.

I posted this live-action image of Tripeman a while back, but to refresh your memories, here it is again.

Due to the hectic Christmas period, which sees a lot of gatherings and reunions with old friends, often culminating in stayovers, I have barely seen any anime. Or wait, most anime aren’t even showing during this period, replaced by those silly New Year shows. Gintama 87 was godly as usual. Gintama has one of the most character development ever for an anime, especially considering its large cast.

I also started on Witch Hunter Robin and am at episode 4. It’s quite boring really, and Amon is a dead fish.

The Christmas Giveaway is very very late, I haven’t had the time to sort out the results. But the Romantic Otaku and GAR category has a 50% chance of victory, so you can imagine how many joined.

Is it because otaku have no romance? Or is it because people are very private with their affairs of the heart? Probably the former.

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