[LianYL] Comiket Day 1 Was Yesterday, And My Comiket Day 2 Post Can Only Be Up Tomorrow Night As I am Now Off To Camp At Big Sight

The bunch of us made our way to Tokyo Big Sight by catching the last train, only to realise that the train stops at Ariake and does not proceed to Kokusai Tenjijou Station. It wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t raining non-stop with accompanying near sub-zero winds.  What were we doing? We were off to queue overnight at Tokyo Big Sight for the first day of Comiket. Wow, so exciting! So exciting that I heard some dude fell heavily sick standing in the winds. The ironic thins is that we had NOTHING particularly in mind when queueing up and were just queueing for the sake of a “fun experience”. Bad move. But who cares, we’re now off to queue for Day 3. What happened to Day 2? It should be up tomorrow night if I’m not to tired.

In any case, here are some unseen before overnight Comiket queueing pictures!


This is Toyosu train station


The ever classic photo ofperson taking a picture

By the time we reached, this was already the status of the front of the queue, and it stretches on for 400 metres


This is the queue line ten minutes after we queued

Halfway through the night, we were ushered by Comiket staff out into the open to await shifting to Big Sight. The thing is, it started to rain rather heavily. Rain + Strong winds + Winter season = Lots of shivering ponchos and umbrellas.

Oh dear Otaku Mecca

The pathway to the front of the line

To see Big Sight in person while shivering in the wind was really exhilarating

Given 5 more hours to wait in the rain

The line behind us

The queue line to the side of us

Let there be light!

Doujin circles start entering the hall

Staff selling leftover Comiket catalogue

The line starts moving inwards

The line leading to the commercial booths. Note that this is already considered the “front of the line”

Spot Gintoki

The queue to the commercial booths

This is the queue for KyoAni goods and a few others. Lame.

I queued 3.5 hours for Visual Arts booth, what you see is just 1/6 of the line. I am not kidding.

After an excruciating 3.5 hours, I reach the head of the line

This is a really, really hot cosplayer.

This is a ver, very awesomely cool Gurren Lagann cosplay group. Both Simon female cosplayers bandaged their breasts and painted it beige to simulate Simon’s bare chest. Not to mention that the temperature was near sub-zero. I salute their professionalism.

Goodbye Day 1, hello Day 2

A HUGE Visual Arts 2008 Calendar, not selling.

Touhou mascot keychain

Lame Lucky Star “mug” from KyoAni store. I will sell this.

A coloured flashlight that projects Konata onto a wall. I will sell this lame KyoAni thingy.

Haruhi character bag set, not selling.

Lucky Star bag set, selling.

CLANNAD bag set. Bookmarks and Fuuko are just as lame. Selling.

Key C73 special set, considering selling.

That’s all for Day 1. I had some really cool DM photos but he deleted them, meh.

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