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Site Fixed. Posting Resumes!

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Yes, I spent a couple of minutes, sat down and seriously considered what could have caused the problem. It wasn’t a server side issue and the technician’s analysis was that it is a plugin problem. So I turned off all the plugins which appear solely on the main page and the problem vanished. But thinking deeper, why would a perfectly good plugin just malfunction?

Then it occurred to me who spotted the problem first, which allowed me to deduce when the problem first appeared. So going through the post nearest to the problem’s appearance, I found a great amount of needless <div> tags and most importantly, a <more> tag which caused a conflict with the teaser plugin that shortens the text. Removing all that, the accursed problem was solved and all is well in Riuvaland now.

So kids, when you post with teaser plugin activated, don’t use the <more> tag that is found on FCKE editor!

Popularity: 8% [?]

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3 Responses to “Site Fixed. Posting Resumes!”  

  1. 1 Kabitzin 87 comments

    That is what you get for being a tease.

  2. 2 Rakugakid 31 comments

    Lol, I thought you blocked me from your web

  3. 3 kokanaden 331 comments

    @Rakugakid If he could, I think he would. No Kidding.

Do not use any < and > for your own sake. It will end the comment there and then. Also, there is an automatic IQ filter which weeds out comments made by those who accidentally got transported from the stone age.

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