Riuva Winter’08 Anime Rapid Review! (RWARR!) Part 1

It’s time for RWARR! First batch of new season anime up! Btw, my new year resolution is to watch a lot less anime, study harder and become Rossiu.

Hatenkou Yuugi

Studio Deen
Excellent first episode. The 2 males 1 loli formula is not an uncommon one, with the likes of Innocent Venus and Zombie Loan already having used it, but Hatenkou Yuugi has the female not being useless and actually rather interesting. Razel gives me a similar vibe to Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran. She’s voiced by Kobayashi Sanae, also Kanmuri Shigeru from Yakitate Japan and Allen from D’ Gray Man. Lockon Stratos makes a guest appearance as well. Interestingly, the white-haired Alzeido is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro, who also voiced white-haired Jin from Innocent Venus. Not much is shown or told about the world here, except it has magic and ghosts and butterfly tattoos.

Razel – a capable loli

Major Season 4
Major is really one of my favourite sports series despite the immensely poor decision-making by Goro, the lead pitcher. You follow his growth from a tiny runt of a kid to a wannabe-Major leaguer, and the long, epic journey leaves you hungry for every next chapter. Will Goro finally learn how to pitch something other than a fastball? Apparently yes.

Goro gets a face full of American titties! But gets his bag stolen along with glove, clothes, money, air tickets etc. What a fag!

Rosario Vampire
Oh shit. Gonzo has done it again. Not Last Exile-style done it again, but Dragonaut-style. I had the fortune of watching this episode with LianYL,who is a follower of the original manga and he was pointing out the differences. RV is really hugely cliche BUT the Vampire version of Moka is very hot. Mizuki Nana has a great voice when it comes to low female voices or boys, but she really is terrible at doing cutesy stuff. I think a better solution would be to get Hanazawa Kana as the cute Moka. Hehe.

I have a thing for high and mighty Princess-like characters but this anime is shit.


A-1 Pictures
This could be the best of the season. With a first episode that draws you deeply in, Persona – Trinity Soul could yet be one of the rarest of anime series – a good non-harem RPG game conversion. The animation is great, the character designs are beautiful and best of all, we have confused trap little brother voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki, another one of my favourite seiyuu. In terms of premise, Persona is actually rather like Kiba (Remember, the 50 episode crappy series) and Kiba actually started out in a similarly dark city setting. I certainly hope Persona would be at least 5 times as good as the latter.

He is a boy who is a girl and has a girly voice. Same voice of Galaxy Angel’s Mint. Lol.

Bandai Visual, Genco
On first impression, this would be classified with the Jigoku Shoujos and the other Shinigami series. But imagine Byousoku-style story-telling, School Day-seque plot twists and pure violence tacked onto the Shinigami setting, and we have Shigofumi. Shockingly good. I thought the series would be episodic, but apparently not.

You would never guess what the next scene is. Clue: Not holding hands, not kissing, not confession. Involves a piece of sharp metal.

Despite it soun ding like a chemistry show on dihydrogen oxide, H20 is so named because the 3 main harem girls are Hayami, Hamaji and Otoha. This would be something like Kanon except for the more explicity fanservice and more importantly, a useless harem lead who is useless for an actual reason – he is as blind as a bat. Most anime characters who are blind have one or more of the following super powers: The Mind’s Eye which allows him to see even better than a normal person, a super Area of Effect attack move which lets him kill his enemies without aiming, or the power to touch girls in their sensitive parts with a large stick and get away with it by pretending to not know anything. The best part is, his blindness lasted for all of the first 20 minutes of the episode. LOL. The only saving grace of this show is Hayami, who is beaten up many times by MALE students. This may be the first time I’ve seen anime girls get beaten up by guys.

"Oh I’m blind so I need to burrow into and sniff women’s snatches to find the right one for me!!"

They are my Noble Masters
I thought this was going to be shit, like Hayate no Gotoku. Little did I realise this was a show which combined the good parts of Hayate, Monster Princess, He is my Master and G Gundam. Monster Princess was a shit anime which had the one shining light of Princess herself and in TamNM, Shinra-sama voiced by her Royal Highness Itou Shizuka (Alice L Malvin from Pumpkin Scissors) plays the same role. The main male is voiced by Tomokazu Seki and is sort of incestous with his busty older sister, a fashionably Miyamiya-type chara. There are quite a lot of parodies of other anime but unlike Hayate where it was like "Oh let me show you this anime and you will laugh because you recognise it", TamNM is more like "HAHA THESE ANIME SUCK watch me instead!" which is really hilarious. It helps that the character designs are pretty especially for Shinra herself. Also, one of the maids is called "Penis".

The impression we get of Shinra in the first few scenes is vastly different from what she really is upon putting on her clothes.

I suspect whiskers were made popular by Naruto.

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