[Ascaloth] Trial Run: True Tears, Episode 3

This episode picks up where the last one left off, with Hiromi walking away with a smile after confessing her admiration for Noe for the latter almost literally reading her mind. Things are gonna get real interesting from this point onwards, so stay tuned.

True Tears, Episode 3.

"After school when everyone else has left, come to the 1-5 classroom."

You know, I’m really wondering why Noe has substituted Shinichiro for Raigomaru, and treats him as such. It’s probably just a little quirk of hers, but one thing about these types of shows is that the smallest thing could mean something more that one never expected. Okay, so this is not a KEY adapation, but it’s giving me a similar feeling.

"I will be waiting for you in the club-room during lunch break.


Did I mention how much I love the facial contortions Shinichiro is apparently capable of? :p

And there’s the strange little perpetrator, weaving in and out like an airhead who hasn’t a care in the world. In fact, Noe is just so strange that sometimes even I can’t stand it.  Sometimes I wish Shinichiro would just man up, and bash her head in the way Yuuichi does Makoto’s.

Fufufu, so that’s the guy Noe was hugging in her home the last episode! She really seems to like him a lot too.

My my, he even puts her helmet on for her oh so tenderly. What a gentleman. Now I wonder what he has to do with all this?

As it goes, he actually is quite an important character in relation to Noe, but not in the way that one might think. Still, let’s leave that for later.

Caught in the act!

I just loved the way how Aiko went "hayakuuuu~".  ^_^

Who’s the seiyuu for her again? While we’re on that topic, who are the seiyuu for all the girls? They’ve been doing a pretty good job thus far.

Not that many strange-looking scenes in this episode, but this is one of them. I wonder what they’re supposed to symbolize; these always come when I least expect them, and as to what they mean, I have absolutely no idea. Anyone have a better idea as to why they’re there?

So after two episodes of basically staying in the background, Aiko finally starts to get some character development. Here she is talking about how she can understand why Hiromi did the things she does. Uh huh, it’s pretty apparent where this is going, ne?

As far as I’m concerend, Aiko is the least interesting of the three girls based off what we have seen thus far. So she drops hints aplenty that Shinichiro is the one she likes; uh huh, and what exactly seperates you from the other girls who pine for the wimpy male leads in other bishoujo adaptations, girl? Still, this is only Episode 3; plenty of time for her to develop some unique characteristics of her own, although I hope they don’t involve her getting knocked up and pulling off a nice boat.

Yep, definite tsundere. Always a fun proposition. ^_^

Later at night, Shinichiro gets into a bout of wishful thinking, arriving at the conclusion that Hiromi’s intention in getting closer to Noe, was in fact to get closer to a guy she likes…which ends up being himself.

And just from that, he goes around with a stupid smile on his face all day. Yeah, that’s a face I’d punch, too.

At this point, the characters in True Tears are on the average very interesting characters, but I feel that Shinichiro is for now the weakest link in the whole setup. I mean, he’s a perfectly fine normal high school boy…but that’s all he is. Nothing about him that makes him stand out from amongst the crowd of high school male protagonists surrounded by bevies of beauties. It’s times like these when I wish for the awesomeness characters like Yuuichi and Kyon. Oh well, I guess I should be counting my blessings that Shinichiro hasn’t yet descended to the level of an Urashima Keitarou or an Itou Makoto…although there’s still plenty of time for developments to happen.

Actually, he’s not all that bad; it seems like he’s perfectly aware that his mother hasn’t exactly been treating Hiromi too fairly, and while the traditional home suggests that the Nakagami family are a traditional household, which means Shinichiro can’t outright rebel against his elders, he does show some backbone by doing whatever is in his power. Which is more than can be said for certain other male characters. No, he’s not too shabby at all; just a bit boring for now perhaps, but let’s see if he’ll change.

"She’s no child of mine!"

Ooooh…..harsh. It’s clear as day now, the Nakagami matriach definitely doesn’t like Hiromi’s presence in the household for some reason. Is there some underlying reason which justifies her dislike in her eyes, or is it just a case of pure feline spite?

Jeez, women are such terrifying creatures when it gets in their heads to be so.

So we get a flashback of Shinichiro’s and Hiromi’s childhoods, about the summer festival event which they were talking about earlier. However, it didn’t exactly tell us very much about their past…just that they were indeed childhood friends.

And that while they did implicitly trust each other in the way only children can, that Shota Shinichiro was just as dumb back then as he is today. I mean, c’mon…taking off one sandal to show solidarity isn’t going to win you any points with the girl! At least if you still have it, give it to her…or better yet, piggyback her home. Dumbass!

Loved Hiromi’s reaction to seeing Shinichiro piggybacking Noe into the court…loved even more Tomoyo’s reaction to the same thing.

Fufufufu…it’s the guy Noe was hugging earlier. And guess what, he’s actually her onii-chan! But that’s not the biggest surprise of all…

It’s the fact that Hiromi actually said that Noe’s onii-chan was the one she actually liked, not knowing Shinichiro was just around the corner to listen! Fufufufu~

To be serious though, notice where Hiromi’s eyes are looking? That’s right; not at Tomoyo. Now I can’t be 100% certain, but this smacks of Hiromi just coming up with yet another lie just to get Tomoyo off her back. Mataku~

Awkward…..how’s this gonna be resolved next week?

In any case, Episode 3 wasn’t quite as strong as the previous two episode before it, but by no means was it a weak episode. Not much Noe, finally some development from Aiko, and we get to see Hiromi as being a compulsive liar. Hmmm.

In any case, the trial run of True Tears is over, and I have to think about whether I’m going to continue following it from here. The first two episodes were indeed very good episodes, otherwise I would not have picked this up at all. There’s just something fun in the quirkiness of Noe, and Hiromi’s mysteriousness is pretty intriguing. However, Aiko has not been holding my interest very much thus far, and Shinichiro has been the weakest link as I said before, although he’s not quite that bad.

Moreover, I still have very little idea as to the direction the plot is headed, and especially from the conclusion of Episode 3, it could easily go down a cliched part as easily as it could a memorable one. Because of this, I am extending the trial run by two more episodes, just to see if it’s going to get really good later on. And I really hope that it will, for P.A. Works’ debut is a really pretty-looking one, and I’m hoping they will have the plot substance to back up the kami-sakuga that has been impressing me no end to this point. But which path True Tears is going to take, I wouldn’t know until next week.

Until then, Ascaloth, out.

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  • Here are the names of the VAs for the main girls. They all seem very good to me. And so does Takahashi Rieko (Dianna Soreil in Turn A Gundam, Neviril in Simoun) as Shinichirou’s mother.

    – Hiromi is voiced by Nazuka Kaori (Eureka in Eureka7, Yun in Simoun, Cossette in Les Miserables)
    – Noe is fast-rising newcomer Takagaki Ayahi (Ruchia in Venus Versus Virus, Otome in DCII, Felt Grace in Gundam00)
    – Ai is Iguchi Yuka (Sakura in Tokimeki, Haruka in Xenoglossia, Mako in Bokurano)

    Good review. Except “compulsive liar” seems to me the wrong way of looking at Hiromi. In my opinion, she is noble and self-sacrificing, and the lies are white lies intended to maintain peace in Shinichirou’s household. His mother hates her and has probably told her to keep her hands off Shinichirou, so she has to give him up and keep concealing the fact that she loves him. She may even have to forget him to the extent of having anther boyfriend.

  • How about this? Hiromi and Shinichiro are half-siblings? That will explain the latter’s mother’s animosity towards the former and her “She’s no child of mine!” while the father said “She’s our child now”.

    There you go, your typical K-drama plot. Wahaha!

  • Just watched it. Not bad, but this guy needs to get smarter. He noticed the missing shoe, okay. But watching that scene wasn’t really fun since it took so long for him to make a decision. He already got the big brother misunderstanding, no more of that hopefully.

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