[Ascaloth] CLANNAD (TV), Episode 17

With the Choir Club agreeing to a shared supervisorship for Koumura-sensei with the Drama Club, things finally seem to be going smoothly for Nagisa and Gang. However, if I may be allowed to borrow a Crusader-ism, the Student Council, being the f***ing p****s they are, rejects the suggestion merely on the grounds of it being an "unprecedented" event. This pisses Kyou off as usual, but Nagisa, having spent the greater parts of her energies dealing with the numerous barriers she has had to face in her efforts to revive the drama club, finally invokes the ‘sick’ part of the Key trademark ‘walking sick girl’ archetype, and passes out in Tomoya’s arms. By doing so, she conveniently takes herself temporarily out of the picture, leaving space for Kyou and Tomoyo to attempt to seduce get closer to Tomoya in her absence. And that is basically what Episode 17 is all about; KyoAni getting Nagisa out of the way for once, so that they can do the best possible job of inserting as much of the Kyou and Tomoyo arcs of the visual novel in their valiant attempt to provide an adaptation as faithful to the spirit of Key‘s opus magnum as possible.

Unfortunately, as I am writing this post, I can’t shake off the feeling that I’ve spent the most part of the humour mojo I save up every week for my CLANNAD articles into my previous article, so if this Episode 17 article isn’t up to scratch, I apologize in advance. Moreover, there was a hell of a lot happening this episode, which means I’ve ended up pic-whoring twice as much as before, so be forewarned. Finally, on behalf of der Fuhrer TJ Han and my fellow Nazis RIUVAsians, I would like to wish all of you a belated Happy Chinese New Year’s (I would start this article off with an image of the CLANNAD cast in traditional Chinese wear, but there wasn’t one to be found as far as I know). Enjoy the holidays, and may we all come off the richer from hongbaos over the weekend. ;)

With all that said and done, let’s get back to business. CLANNAD (TV), Episode 17.

Oooh, nice view. *drool*

That aside, happily coming into Tomoya’s classroom to eat lunch with him is one thing, but violating his privacy to act as his personal alarm clock is another matter altogether. Tomoyo really surprised me with her utter ignorance about social norms this episode; is there something to that, or is it merely just her being too used to kicking her way out of trouble?

Oh well, whatever the case, even if it constitutes a violation of my privacy, I shall wouldn’t mind having a bishoujo come into my room to wake me up every morning, too….

Karura: …what the hell are you spazzing out for? What a silly fellow; how did you get it in your head to employ such a comical fool for your writing team, TJ?.
TJ Han: Well, apart from the obvious which you’ve stated, he’s also happy to kiss my ass most of the time. So yup, he fulfils all the criteria that I require.
Karura: Heh, this multi-author experiment thingy you’ve got going sounds really interesting.
TJ Han: You said it!

If this were a KyoAni self-referential parody, Tomoya would go "no wonder it didn’t taste all that great" or something to that effect right after this line. Fortunately, that’s not the case; the difference between the Hiiragi twins in Lucky Star and the Fujibayashi twins in this is that in the latter, it’s the long-haired tsundere onee-chan who’s the better cook. Therefore, it also invalidates the kind of fallacious claims that certain people like to make of the studio.

You know, I never particularly liked this question, especially when it’s directed at me. What’s worse is that eventually, everyone asks me this question; friends, relatives, fathers of girls I am acquainted with (who I’m not even "involved" with), I mean, URGH!!! What the hell am I supposed to say, "I’m going to watch a lot of anime, buy figurines, start an anime blog to write reviews on them, get famous enough to have companies offering to place ads on my blog, and live off the proceedings"?! Honestly, someone help me out here; if you don’t have a good answer to this question, how do you deal with it?

Oh, dear. The next generation is going to be SOOOO traumatized…..actually, I take that back. Stupid brats nowadays, they’re all so spoiled they don’t know the meaning of respect. Nowadays, the education system is so hampered with complaint-happy parents, the teachers can’t discipline the brats properly; what the system needs nowadays is a Hinano-sama type who isn’t afraid to lay down the law to keep them in line. Why, back in my day, teachers did not hold back from wringing the ears of recalcitrants…

…oh, crap. I’m feeling old right now. >_<

Hmmm, there’s a change in the timbre of Ryou’s voice here that REALLY gets me by the soul. That was like, wow. Props to Ryou’s seiyuu. You have to listen to it to believe it.

We’ve seen his hilarious antics often enough, and we’ve seen his better side come up several times in the past. Now, Sunohara shows how mean he can really be by dragging Tomoyo along to the dark alleys where Tomoya can see her not-so-clean reputation firsthand, seemingly ignorant or even heedless of the emotional distress he is causing the girl by doing so. You know, for someone who impressed me with his touching confession of fondness for Fuu-chan, and his hot-bloodedness when doing his best to defend Nagisa’s dream, I’m not liking Sunohara much at the moment. >_>

(Hmmm, wouldn’t a meeting between Tomoyo and little Mei-chan have been nice? Too bad KyoAni’s shunted her aside a little too fast…)

Although, once again, I have to hand it to Tomoya. For lack of a better phrase, "nice save!"

Took the words right out of my mouth! Wait….didn’t I say the exact same thing a few weeks back somewhere? >_>

I so do NOT believe she said that. Tomoyo really has no clue what she just said, does she?


Hmmm, is this how it feels to be in love? When one takes the girl in question for granted when she’s around, but ends up spacing out and being unable to not think of her when she isn’t? So much so that one is compelled to write her name out, just to ease the unexplainable ache in the heart just that little bit?

Hmmm. I wouldn’t go as far as Haruhi-sama and claim that it’s nothing more than "a temporary sickness of the mind", but now that I think of it, there’s something definitely scary about having no control over the thought processes going on in your mind. >_>

Apparently for the game vets, this is one of their favourite Yukine "spells", and I can certainly see why it would be so; I’d love to have a spell like that that actually works, too. Although, I couldn’t have foreseen that part of the reason why it’s the favourite Yukine "spell" of the game vets is that…

…the spell actually worked!!! Holy [insert Crusader-ism here]!!!

It’s one of those typical "locked in room alone with girl" gags, but Key/KyoAni’s fantastic setup, great supporting BGM, but above all, the awesomeness of a deredere Hinano-sama which no one else apart from JPMeyer has ever seen in real life, is what makes it tick all the same. Fantastic scene.

(You know, I’m fairly certain that at least part of the reason why Hinano-sama didn’t like the "trapped in gym shed" part of this episode was because she knew I was eventually going to put her there for laughs, and to put it simply, she probably wasn’t looking forward too much to that. ;)
But too bad for you, Hinano-sama. You HAD to say that Kyou reminded you of yourself back in Episode 10. :p )

In any case, too bad we can only see Hinano-sama’s deredere side in animated form. Man, I hate that JPMeyer.


…ahem, now that I’ve got that out of my system. In any case, I gotta admit that while she’s awesome enough normally, she gains another magnitude of awesome when she goes like that. Gawd, what a pity she’s taken…

Ascaloth: Yes…of course….sumimase…..

Okay, I didn’t mind the first couple of Fuuko Summons too much when they appeared, but even I think this was just in bad taste this time round. It’s all fine when she’s just messing around with the arcade machine, or messing around with the heads of the Judo captains, but this…is just wrong. What I have to grapple with is the fact that apparently, this is actually the one Fuuko Summon in the anime so far that was actually taken directly from the visual novel.

Kind of reminds me of the time Yuki delivered a chin-splitter to Kyon, only for it to be revealed in the next moment that her reason for doing that is to shunt him aside from an Asakura attack.

You know, there was simply just not enough of the fight scene here. Not since FMP! TSR have I remembered KyoAni animating a for-real no-shit fight scene, and this sequence sure as hell showed that if only KyoAni put their minds to it, they could animate a hell of a fight scene. Not enough! Gimme more Tomoyo ass-kicking! Better yet, gimme more FMP!!!

And the episode ends with a sensei catching them in the act, and Tomoya taking the fall for Tomoyo in order to preserve the latter’s chances in the Student Council elections. However, this means that he was going to have to prepare to be suspended from the school, for the sensei immediately believes Tomoya’s story thanks to his reputation as a delinquent, and immediately assuming that it is indeed what happened. You know, it reminds me of this case study where people in society makes assumptions about delinquents, and this causes them to treat the delinquents in a manner which reinforces the delinquents’ perception that society is against them, which in term causes them to behave in the antisocial manner that only serves to reinforce society’s assumption of them. One can clearly see how it applies here.

Don’t understand what I just ranted about? Sociology, b****es. Learn it.

Next Episode Preview

From the preview, it seems that Tomoya does indeed get himself suspended due to his covering for Tomoyo, and with both him and Nagisa out of the picture, the Drama Club looks like it has lost the initiative, perhaps permanently this time around.

However, for some reason, this means that Tomoya suddenly gets a shot at imitating yet another achievement of His Pimpness, Aizawa Yuuichi; getting several girls to make your three meals for you all at once. Kyou’s in the running, so is Tomoyo, but what is surprising is that Kotomi doesn’t seem like she’s quite ready to give up the fight, either. Mmmm, what a lucky bastard…

On another note, it seems like it’s going to be mostly Tomoyo from here on, although judging from the very limited amount of time KyoAni has left, most probably Kyou is still going to have some part to play in it as well.

Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about recently; it’s probably not too far-fetched to say that KyoAni is interweaving the CLANNAD arcs together in a far more cohesive manner than they have been able to achieve with Kanon (2006). However, despite their ability to execute a method few other studios can mimic where VN adaptations are concerned, it seems like even that’s not enough to please everyone, and interestingly, those who are most vocal in their opposition against KyoAni’s interweaving method tend to be game veterans. What’s even more interesting, is the fact that those who are most vocal in their appreciation for the interweave method ALSO tend to be game veterans. Which leads me to wonder; what are game veterans generally expecting from KyoAni’s adaptation, and how far has it satisfied their expectations so far?

For my part, as someone watching the anime adaptation from a newbie’s perspective, I see nothing wrong with how everything has been portrayed; maybe Kotomi’s ending wasn’t quite up to my expectations, and maybe Fuuko’s repeated reappearances is starting to get old, but otherwise, I felt the mix-and-mashing of Kyou’s and Tomoyo’s arcs, along with every attempt made by the KyoAni storyboarders to involve Fuuko and Kotomi as much as possible, has been working out great so far. It makes for great individual episodes, and a brisk pacing which ensures a continuous interest from me. I think that’s a good thing, but what do you guys think of the whole execution so far? I’ll like to hear your views.

Ascaloth, out.

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  • From what I’ve seen, most of the complaints about the interweaving of the stories comes from the fans who prefer either Kyou’s or Tomoyo’s arc, fearing that by combining their stories together, each would get shafted to a certain extent by being forced to share screentime. However, I do agree that if any two arcs were to be combined, those two would probably be the best and easiest.

  • LULz. JP would never say that too. xD;;;

    On another note that Tomoyo subtitle was way off!
    She actually said “If you bow down, I may let you touch it.” She just said it in a weird way more like “If you bow down, then perhaps I will let you touch it” kinda way. Whoever translated it obviously needs a new editor >_>

    Also the one thing me and Kyou greatly differ in is – I can’t stand children. Being a teacher of anybody (let alone kindergarden brats) is the last job I’d ever have. Man I hated being a camp counselor, those little brats (especially the boys always wanting to play sports with you blah lol)


    Also, it’s a mistake to write off Sunohara as being unable to be a male lead. There are tonnes of male leads who behave like him. Off the top of my head, I can think of Kintarou, the guy from Urusei Yatsura, etc. It’s mainly comedies which have Sunohara-type protagonists. His facial expressions are really hilarious.

    Also, I do not in any way think Hinano is like Kyou. Hehe, stop projecting your fantasies, dirty Ascaloth.

  • We share a lot of opinions about this episode, Sir Ascaloth, whose name I know how to spell now. :P

    Man, if we could only repeat that scene from Kyou’s perspective (similar to in true tears), I think she seriously considered what would be happening next if Tomoya wasn’t so quick about dispelling the charm.

  • Yea I know I don’t have long purple hair :S I wanted to cosplay a Clannad girl one of these cons this year but that was all put aside when I got the urge to cosplay one of them vocaloids xP

  • @tj_han

    Comparing anyone to Moroboshi Ataru from Urusei Yatsura is too far a stretch. Sure there are some similarities, but Ataru’s lecherousness and his infinite Hit Points cannot be compared to anyone I know.

  • Owaranai Destiny

    Not bad. Looks like you haven’t lost ALL the mojo. XD

    I like your bit about the delinquents part, because while it may be lost on some, others would notice that this might actually be a portrayal to a very real problem in society, even if it was just in a game (or in the anime itself, I don’t know since I’ve never played the game).

    The mixed responses probably has to do with different POVs. Those who approve probably see the anime as it is: A show with scenarios adapted from the game and with anime originals that might be refreshing. On the other hand, most people tend to take a pessimistic view at things and grumble when the anime isn’t what they imagined it to be, i.e. to animate some important and very interesting scenes from the game.

    P.S Kyou was great, but I still like Tomoyo more. :P

  • When Tomoyo was waking Tomoya up, Why did she have to lean all the way over him? From what I can tell it’s just and empty wall and a window with no curtains. Was she just making sure he got a good view, perhaps? It is a surefire way to hit on a guy

  • First of all, this episode is pure awesomeness..
    I love Kyou more and more..(Tomoyo too)
    And both of them need more episodes to cover their stories..(but instead, they took more episodes for Fuuko’s and Kotomi’s story..)

    At first, I thought this episode is about ‘future careers’ and stuff..(judging from the preview last week)
    But it was different…
    And I don’t like it when someone asks me that question too..
    Since I haven’t made my decision yet..


  • @Hinano,

    I know JP probably wouldn’t act the way I portrayed him, but at least he sounded GAR, didn’t he? ;)

    JPMeyer for SaiGAR 2009!!!!

    Nah actually, that whole part came from when I was wondering one day, “does JPMeyer actually READ what I keep saying about his girl? Oh, shit.” >_>

    (On another note, can’t you cosplay as both? :p )


    Well, it is a TBS 4:3 version…likely the curtains are on the other side of the window and can’t be seen only because they got hidden by the pan-and-scan. You’d probably see them when the 16:9 ones roll around, that is if KyoAni didn’t actually screw up there.

  • Three part comment:

    1: I agree, Kyou makes a good kindergarten teacher.

    2: But Yukine’s magic always works. She’s the real mahou shoujo.

    3: Yes. More fights. Well, Little Busters! has fights, albeit silly ones. Still, that would take a long time to animate, due to Haruhi Season 2 and perhaps the next season of FMP.

  • Someone like Yukine will be scary in real life, if her magic works. Just imagine what she can do to you, or have you do to yourself…

    But hey, if you can get trapped in a gym store with a girl…..

  • @Ascaloth: Until the 16:9 version rolls around, we may have proof that KyoAni is fallible in the animation department.

  • @PQQ,

    Actually, I’ve seen the scene a couple more times…if you look carefully, Tomoyo pushed the curtains to the LEFT side of the windows….the exact side that’s hidden by the pan-and-scan. Therefore, proof? I think not. I’m in the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ side, and for good reason.

  • That left side is covered and… What am I rambling about? I think it’s high time to watch the storage room scene again.

  • Does anyone actually know the name of the Song played while Kyou is trapped in the shed

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