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TJStick Special

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Mango Milk

tjhan drew this in my BRStick pad. I shall have nothing to do with this.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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16 Responses to “TJStick Special”  

  1. 1 Gravmech 13 comments

    That brand of Mango Milk ought to be very expensive considering there’s only one known source of it.

  2. 2 jinyamato 80 comments

    finally, thanks lian

  3. 3 LianYL 580 comments

    It’s not drawn by me, so thank the artist instead.

  4. 4 V2 35 comments


    what about other products like durianmilk?

  5. 5 leefe 66 comments

    Dubious indeed. TJ leveled up in hijacking ^^

  6. 6 DS 7 comments

    That is the most shocking anime blog post I have ever encountered.
    After I saw that, I went right to my refrigerator and threw out all the cartons of MangoMilk.
    The next step should be to form an action group to protest this abuse of tripeman!

  7. 7 Stifler 49 comments

    Wonder how long it takes for Tripeman to fill a bottle…The poor guy…

  8. 8 tj_han 1052 comments


  9. 9 Kabitzin 66 comments

    Why is the whipper going commando… Is it part of the man-milk process?

  10. 10 Setsuna-san 14 comments

    milking in the most brutal sense. =_=”
    do i need to report this horrible case of mascot abuse?

  11. 11 exaltdragon 156 comments

    vaguely disturbing…

  12. 12 Tsubaki 460 comments


  13. 13 Zeroblade 129 comments

    Goddammit, my brain :V

  14. 14 The Sojourner 13 comments

    Tj was the featured slave driver

  15. 15 TheBigN 53 comments

    When I separate it to Man-go Milk, suddenly it all makes sense. :/

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