Tripeman, short for Tripenile Mango Man, is the mascot of Riuva. He does reactions to reviews and news of everything I post here, through the use of accessories and reproductory organ enlargement.

There are four basic levels of excitement. Limp with all three wangs down would be very bad while max-ed out tri-cannons means the subject is very very exciting.

The concept for this came about when I noticed the lack of a identity on this site. What does Akibablog have that this place doesn’t? Besides a ton of news, better reviews and first hand info of course. They have Nerd-tan, the kanban musume (sort of poster girl). So I thought long and hard, experimenting with Photoshop before I decided to go back to my roots and think of what exactly are my own attributes I can show with this mascot character.

I like mangoes. I am manly. Manly man have penises. I am three times as manly as them. So a triple dicked mango was born. And he wasn’t bad ass enough, so I added wings. OOOOHH so so manly.

This was the prototype.

It looks like crap. So I asked my cartoonist friend to draw me a basic mango shape and I added in the finer (or thicker) details myself.

Tripeman! He’s in one up mode at the moment though. Be sure to check out the end of every news and review post for an appearance. If anyone’s interested in drawing more l33t versions of him, please do and send me the pictures!