This is my label. WOAH! It’s much cooler than the crap otaku wear, like ugh Giordano. Anyway, why would anyone buy our brand of tshirts? I shall explain.

The Riuva brand is made by Otaku for Otakus. We understand your every need and strive to combine all these desires into a solution. Otaku do not like to stand out yet love to retain a sense of identity. Otaku love clothing comfort and have to trek around the various shopping areas on hot afternoons. Otakus love to pledge their loyalty and cash to wearable and physical products which inform other otaku of their likes and dislikes. And finally, Otaku don’t spend much on clothing.

Understanding all these, we have come up with a range of clothing apparel totally suited for the Otaku. Non-otakus can also up their otaku rating through wearing these. Most importantly, they are not embarrassing shirts and can be worn very normally to most places without fear of ridicule. It is only when a fellow brethren spots the shirt and understands the message, will it be a cause for mutual celebration.

I intend to launch two designs each week and build up a nice catalogue. All regular t-shirts are going for SGD 24 and the long sleeved ones are SGD 34. All t-shirts are 100% cotton, white and very comfortable for the weekly merchandise hunting trips. Please do not buy from any of those Hangten, Giordano stores anymore because they do not cater for otaku. All shirts range from S to XL. Designs will be scaled according to size. These are quality tees that will not stretch and look like fish monger wear after a mere few washes.

1.This is the official and completely decent-looking Riuva shirt. What is its special power? It is the power of illusion and camouflage! Wearing this, you can show your status as Riuvasian and not Otaku. It is suitable for those who wish to look very normal yet still desires to exude some nerd identity. Riuvasians unite!

Even better, be smart and formal with a collared shirt showing off your loyalty to this prestigious institution.

And if you want better school grades, you should get this amazing hoodie which will let you pray to the gods all the time.

2. The Cospray series is a one-step approach to cosplaying even the hardest characters, a pure essential items for us busy city folk with no time to make costumes. And the best part is, you can deflect all criticism with the WITTY tagline on the back of the shirt. Ok I lie, the Cospray series is actually a totally sarcastic and Riuva-style humoured line of t-shirts which make fun of Otaku culture. Be sure to get it to show your anti-establishment side! LIKE ME!

Feeling emo? Be a hollow. Show off your inner hollow with this sexy tee! You can choose either font to use. This is an easy one-step cosplay which will show the masses you aren’t some Shinigami fangirl. Support the underground by going Hollow!