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  • Hello! Nice to meet you. Please call me Nekki! I’m 15 years old female. Sorry to bother you… I found your site very interesting… especially news and reviews of figures… I am not very good at english, so… :D
    I’ve ordered some PVCs too… Tokiha Mai and Dark Saber… I am going to order Guyver and Saber in Swimsuit PVCs… I want to make a site like yours, so I can post my PVCs… I do have a blog, but rarely update it because it’s not what I want… I want one like yours :P

    Thank you for reading this.

  • Hi, im very interested in making my own figures. i’ve been drawing my characters on paper for years and i would to try a new medium. im wanting to do this at home and i know making your beautiful figures isnt easy and i know big companies like you really dont want give out their trade secrets but i would so appreciate if you could point me in the right direction. even if you cant i would appreciate a reply

  • heyy
    found your site when i was google-ing for module reviews
    just wondering if you took
    Popular Culture in Contemporary Japan

    JS2224 / SSA2205
    Japan and Singapore

    which would you recommend

  • Hey! i found your site through Useless Thoughts and i was wondering if it’d be ok to do a link exchange :)

    my url:

    we are freelance illustrators who do a lot of anime work

    Thanks in advance!

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