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July 28, 2007

Protected: My Whole L.Life Condensed. I Needed to Let it Out.

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May 10, 2006


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For a variety of reasons, namely the lack of updates and a change in direction of my main site, I will now be merging this blog with riuva.com . Be sure to check there! All overly-personal posts will be password protected. For those really interested, just email tjhan86@riuva.com for it. I’m not too concerned about privacy but unleashing personal feelings on a site with high traffic = stupidity. Alternatively, just guess the password since it’ll most likely be a word in the title or a related word.

April 16, 2006

Jap Level Up!

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I think I topped my Japanese exam. The results aren’t out yet, but I’m fairly sure. Looks like the total immersion in Jap culture is working wonders. The listening exam was pitifully simple since I watch so much TV in Japanese. I finished the written section in 10 minutes and spent the rest of the time reading manga. And the oral exam.. the sensei wasn’t very stealthy at hiding her grades. I saw a lot of 10/10s. YEAH man! But the disturbing thing is.. I tried to study last night but I just couldn’t focus. Had to use the com every 15 minutes. I wonder how I’ll switch back to study mode for university.

I guess when I’m back in school, I actually have to do work-related stuff at home again. It’s been 1.5 years since I last did that!! I’m too used to a working (sort of) life, the type where everyday is the same, you meet the same people everyday, 5.30pm is the start of a new day etc. S.ning is right, school’s going to take some getting used to.

There was a case in the newspapers, where this Muslim person got himself 10 wives, 66 kids. And he rapes all the pretty daughters with the full support of his wives ie their biological mothers. Wow. What is the world coming to? I guess it was pretty fun for him.

April 9, 2006

Protected: Nothing much has been happening.

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March 25, 2006

I’ve been Spoilt by Good Sound

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Last Thursday, my one-month old Sennheiser HD 415 headphones malfunctioned. The left speaker just refused to work. I was (insert cool-sounding word which means pissed, preferably British), since this was my SECOND Sennheiser headphone to suffer this problem, both within a month of purchase. After fiddling with it, I came to the conclusion that there was a problem with the headphone cable, namely the bendy part connecting the jack to the cable. By squeezing and bending it, I could get some sound out of the left speaker.

So I headed down to Sim Lim yet again to have my cans exchanged. But turns out that the shop I got it from can only help me send it to the Sennheiser agent, rather than replacing one for me straightaway. And that takes 2 whole weeks. Wtf man, what kind of warranty is this? Faced with the prospect of going without music for 2 weeks, or shelling out 15 for a substandard pair of headphones, I chose the latter.

The shop guy was “kind” enough to sell me a pair of cheap black clip-on headphones for 15 bucks, 3 off the original price. So I put it on, played my songs, and was totally appalled by the sound quality. And this model is already the best of the cheap ones. There was non-existant bass, clangy and irritating mids, overpowering trebles. Which basically means I hear the vocals very loudly, along with muffled instrumentals that sound sharp enough to cause eye damage. The drums and bass disappear completely.

I realised my HD 415 is really really top notch, considering that it’s only 99 bucks. It’s not only comfortable enough to use as either a pillow or ear warmers, but stylish and the sound is nice and warm with great bass. Every note is discernible and even the high pitched ones do not cause ear pain. Best of all, I can wear it for ages without headphone fatigue.

So what’s the point of this post? Sennheiser is fucked up and should do something about their cables. And cheap music equipment should be banned.

March 15, 2006

Protected: Stressful Times Looming

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March 7, 2006

Dirty Pics

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This happened some time back but I never got around to posting these online.

As part of “Army News”, a propaganda unit of the Army, I am made to get to travel to the various overseas countries our soldiers train in. New Zealand is one of them and this was Exercise Thunder Warrior, an Artillery exercise featuring a fancy new transforming gun called the Pegasus. The terrain was featured in the Lord of the Rings movies but it was winter and covered in snow. I was there in the summer so no snow and no scenery. Their summer’s colder than my room air-con though, which is a good thing. I hate heat.

Pretty vast empty plains of shrubbery. The funny thing is, it’s actually pretty gentle terrain but in all our reports, we emphasised that our soldiers were training “against the odds in harsh terrain”. Ooh how harsh. I see a stream. The jungles of Tekong are a lot worse, really. Wait, the corridors of Mindef are the worst. Ferocious officer and sergeant beasts roam free there.

This was a river. But a dam stemmed the flow and made it into a valley. You certainly don’t see this in Singapore. Note the size of the staircase in this picture.

The lake created by the dam.

Ok this is the only snow-capped mountain in sight. So we try to get it into the background of all our pictures, to show how harsh the terrain is. Having a snowy mountain in the background of course means that the troops all scale it with their artillery guns. Yeah.

Yet more vast plains of nothingness.

Get the point? There really isn’t much.

Our trusty rental car. It’s a 4 litre SUV! That is very big. This is the Media team. All great people!

Thailand Trip Pics!

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Here are some pics of the recent uber-fun Bangkok trip! The main aim of the trip was to catch the Bangkok Rock Festival, which saw mostly UK bands performing. Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, Maximo Park etc each playing from 1-2 hours over 2 days for just 200 dollars. Right in front of the stage too. Pity we have no pictures of this, because it would be stupid to bring a camera into the rock-crazed crowd. Some idiot lost his right in front of us and promptly forgot about it when Placebo started playing. We did other stuff as well, but not many pics at all.

Our first meal upon reaching our hotel area. It was late at night and no eateries were open. So we had to settle for some suspicious-looking roadside stall for our virgin Thai meal. The other guys had diarrhea while I was fine. Only because I had puked it all out later from a condition known as “overbeer”. Note every eatery in Thailand has that 4 condiments on each table. I especially liked the powdered dried chilli.

The beer garden. Ridiculously overpriced. We ordered beers and their “French Fired”. They handed out 3 sets of plates and cutlery so we were expecting a large portion. 75 baht is a lot of money in Thailand. But when the fired arrived, it was a tiny plate with a MOUNTAIN of salt over it. Literally. It looked a bit like a mini Ice Kacang. Shocking. Anyway, look out for the fried frogs too.

Some sort of Thai specialty perhaps? Mutation crab. Where I come from, mutation means an abnormal change in chromosomes or genetic structure, so I wonder how mutation crab tastes like. We never dared to order it.

The famed Tuk Tuk. Instead of having a meter, you haggle for the price. We used it to get to the train station, for the Sky train. They normally quote a high price, but their idea of a high price is so low that we just got on and paid. The power of a strong currency. Tuk Tuks can make the tightest turns like bikes, so never be afraid to flag one from across the road. Never get caught in a traffic jam in these or you’ll die of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Hell, we were stuck in a jam in a real taxi and still felt half dead thanks to these odourless invisible lethal fumes.

I got my hair cut and styled at this swanky looking place in Patpong aka Tourist Trap. The haircut was only 350 baht though and the people there were nice. A normal slumish barber charges 300 baht you know. This one included 2 hair washes, 3 guys fussing over the hair and lots of other shit. Great deal.

Yup it looks good.

A ripoff Thai massage parlour. In total, we went for about 4 massages. The Thai traditional massage costs an average of 300 per hour and involves a woman, whose skill is inversely proportionate to her looks, pounding, stretching and contorting you oil-free. It’s actually quite comfortable and I still crave for it sometimes. The other guys did mainly foot massages, I didnt do that. The above pic shows me getting a pedicure and manicure. I also had my nails painted black for fun. They did a bad job of it though.

A taxi driver we got after the 2nd concert day. The venue was so packed that it was impossible to find a cab. So Adin suggested the bunch of us get onto the Motorcycle taxis and rendevous at a further location with cabs. Great idea! It was my first time riding on a motorbike and unlike local riders, these guys really are skilled. More thrilling than a roller-coaster ride. And this is the Schumacher of Thailand, self-proclaimed. We got into his cab and he started rambling on like a maniac while stomping on the accelerator. Hard. We took quite a while before realising he was saying, “I number one! Schumacher of Thailand! No accidents at all.” Which is hard to believe, considering the fact that he was cutting lanes for no particular reason at 140 km/h. Yes, a small light sedan at 140 km/h on a narrow road. With no safety belts.

I don’t think this was his top speed. He looked like he wasn’t putting in effort. But we survived and it turned out to be fun. Wouldn’t have been if we were just a bit unluckier.

At this massive weekend market, Chaduchat, where it is physically impossible to finish shopping through the entire area, there is this communist store. Selling anti-American and Pro-communist goods. Pretty funny and interesting stuff there, and the owner was friendly. But it seems most of his customers are just posers who find it cool to wear stuff with pro-communist messages.

The pet section of Chaduchat had tonnes of exotic animals. As a volunteer at the Zoo, I cannot condone such illegal practices. But the selection was really good. However, many of the animals were ill-treated. Especially the squirrels. The new fad is apparently squirrels, most stores carried them, tied to little posts with a leash around their necks. Most were very young too. There were exotic turtles as well as snakes and other reptiles. The above is a hairless parrot. Why would anyone want this?

Tsk, poor living conditions. But shockingly, the animals are treated better than in some local pet stores. Our country must really step on on the animal cruelty laws.

Gabriel’s Lunch at a food court. This food court was Marche-styled, with cards and all. The food was nothing great, but notice the soup’s ripples. No thanks to loud dance music blared from the many speakers. How the hell do we eat when your food is shaking to the beat?

Crossing the road in Bangkok requires an adjustment to the timing. It took me 10 minutes to cross a 2 lane road at first. But we learnt that a car 5m in front of you means that you have 4m of space to cross with.

The Sky train. Not shown here is the awesome number of hot girls Bangkok has. One of three are hot. The ratio in Singapore is one in twenty. Thanks to our poor coolie gene pool. And Bangkok attracting hot village girls from all over Thailand. I’m carrying 700g of dried powdered chilli.

Apparently Not

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That’s the answer to the post below.

I’m really not the type who likes to share details of my private life here. Nor do I feel the need to spill any raging emotions or angst through the keyboard. Nothing much is happening besides the usual routine.

Oh, since no news has been coming through about my scheduled forced India trip, I suspect it may have been cancelled. No big deal but the loss of income is a pity. Yes you read that right, I get paid for going on unwanted trips to remote overseas locations. While unwanted, I do learn a lot from these trips so it ain’t that bad at all.

This Saturday, it’s tentatively Gokarting in Malaysia with my colleagues. Whee I love go-kart. Sunday is the Computer fair, where I’ll probably buy the Canon S2 IS, with its big 12x optical zoom haha. With it, I’ll finally get to use my own pictures for the main site and not have to steal from others.

I have also put up the pictures of the uber fun Thailand trip and the not-so-fun forced New Zealand trip.

March 3, 2006

Will this survive?

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Since I have a site for news and reviews, I wouldn’t want to clutter it up with my own personal stuff. This is a separate blog for myself, as a living being. Mr Riuva only watches football, buys and admires figurines, watches anime, reads manga and other stuff.

Unfortunately I have a bad record of keeping blogs. They die a premature death from negligence.

Recently I have been putting a lot of effort into trying to fix up riuva.com. But with my typically limited computer skills, as expected of a JC student, it has not been going as smoothly as I had hoped.

Anyway, I am very interested in the JET programme now. It is a programme that allows ANYONE with at least a bachelor’s degree in ANYTHING to go to Japan and be an English Teaching Assistant for a year. The allowance is pretty good, about S$4500 a month. You don’t even need to speak Japanese to go. Quite the good deal eh? Too bad it’s still a long way before I get my degree.

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