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Why I have not Updated for Weeks: Filling up My Passport with Stamps!

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Some of you might have noticed a deathly silence on this blog, well that is because Ascaloth has a real life sort of girlfriend now so he no longer needs to watch the sissy Clannad shows and blog about them, and I myself have been travelling somewhat extensively the past 2 weeks.

Let’s see, I flew up to Hong Kong, then went into Guangzhou of China, went to several of its cities, came back to Hong Kong, flew up to London, was going to fly down to Amsterdam but the flight got cancelled and got stuck in London till the 27th when I will attempt to fly to Amsterdam again, after which I will return to London and fly back to Hong Kong to fly back to Singapore, after which I will go to New Zealand for 5 months of research assistant internship.

[Tenshi_MKII] Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Season Greetings from the Love Plus Girls.

Hope you guys enjoy this day with your 3D/2D waifus. And don’t forget that it’s the season of GIVING!!!

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Super Exhaustive 2000-2009 Anime List with Notes so You will Learn.

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It’s all the rage now, to make lists of the decade’s anime. I’m late to the game yes but I totally did a list, only for it to disappear when I pressed refresh out of reflex. Anyway, my list is better than the other people’s because while I have rather decent taste in anime, I’m also lax enough with standards to like stuff that aren’t excellent and I like all genres except for BL. I’ve tried my best to divide the shows into genres, but sometimes it’s not possible, because then half of the shows would be scifi. So I just put them in the genre I felt suited them the most. Remember, an underlined entry means it’s uber awesome and must watch, we were totally blessed with it. A struck-out one means I liked it but thought it sucked at the same time. Note that the list might be a little inaccurate in terms of time, since I got the dates from Wikipedia.

- I don’t watch that many of these, but there were some really good ones.
Boys Be - I don’t think it’s 2000, probably ended then. But heck.
Ultramaniac - surprisingly sweet.
Midori no Hibi
Honey and Clover - everyone knows this is probably the best one ever made.
Inukami - crass, crude and totally funny as hell.
Magikano - another one that breaks lots of conventions.
Ouran High School Host Club - the best reverse harem show. The only one we like actually.
Clannad and Afterstory - only for Kyou and Tomoyo. FUCK YOU NAGISAAAAAA!!
Kimikiss - Pretty designs, nostalgia-inducing.
Nodame Cantabile - Classy and entertaining.
Kannagi - Brilliant dialogue and humour.
Special A - It’s surprisingly sweet.
Toradora - Probably best high school romance show so far, for me.
Bakemonogatari - Maybe this shoudn’t be in this genre. But excellent, except for the crappy coloured frames.
Hatsukoi Limited - It’s like an upgrade of Kimikiss.

[LianYL] End Of Year Clearance Sales

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It’s the same items leftover from my last bazaar. Only they are all at 40% now. Everything must go. No bidding required. First come first serve.

Download the catalogue here

1) All prices are listed in SGD Singapore dollars and payment is only made through Paypal. Buyers are to absorb the 4% transfer costs imposed by PayPal. However, Singapore buyers have the option of buying by bank transfer or cash.

2) The listed starting price does NOT include shipping for overseas buyers so be sure to factor that in. The average figurine box is around 1kg and a shipping box costs around $5. Do the math with this shipping calculator.

Evangelion 2.0 in Cinemas! Best Battles in History of Anime.

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So my exam, the first paper on food safety in Singapore, ended at about 11 am. Since my next paper (a terrible one on food engineering) is only on Tuesday, I thought I could catch a quick movie to heal up my HP/MP before resuming the book-hitting. Tsubaki sent me an SMS, which read "Eva 2.0 is fuccccccckiiiiiing best show everrrrrrr" or something to that effect, and since Tsubaki (along with Darkmirage) is probably the most film-savvy person I know, I chose to trust his taste and rush off to the only cinema showing the movie here in Singapore. Actually there are two cinemas but the other is located in a rural farming area 240 miles away (angmokio lame). We contemplated heading down to AFA for a short while, but decided, nope, waste of time.

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