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[LianYL] End Of Year Clearance Sales

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It’s the same items leftover from my last bazaar. Only they are all at 40% now. Everything must go. No bidding required. First come first serve.

Download the catalogue here

1) All prices are listed in SGD Singapore dollars and payment is only made through Paypal. Buyers are to absorb the 4% transfer costs imposed by PayPal. However, Singapore buyers have the option of buying by bank transfer or cash.

2) The listed starting price does NOT include shipping for overseas buyers so be sure to factor that in. The average figurine box is around 1kg and a shipping box costs around $5. Do the math with this shipping calculator.

Evangelion 2.0 in Cinemas! Best Battles in History of Anime.

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So my exam, the first paper on food safety in Singapore, ended at about 11 am. Since my next paper (a terrible one on food engineering) is only on Tuesday, I thought I could catch a quick movie to heal up my HP/MP before resuming the book-hitting. Tsubaki sent me an SMS, which read "Eva 2.0 is fuccccccckiiiiiing best show everrrrrrr" or something to that effect, and since Tsubaki (along with Darkmirage) is probably the most film-savvy person I know, I chose to trust his taste and rush off to the only cinema showing the movie here in Singapore. Actually there are two cinemas but the other is located in a rural farming area 240 miles away (angmokio lame). We contemplated heading down to AFA for a short while, but decided, nope, waste of time.

[Tenshi_MKII] Turn A Gundam in Seitokai no Ichizon?

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That Orange symbolizes the cockpit? I will leave that for you to decide.

PS: Does anyone knows where can one get the best deals on automatic watches?

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Exclusive Interview with Mika, the Hot Maid from Moe Moe Kyun!

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You notice the poll on the right? The most popular by far is "pictures of hot girls". I won’t do that, because it’ll make me a porn site not unlike Sankaku Complex (which is an awesome site nevertheless, but full of scum). However, I’ve scored an exclusive NO OTHER anime blog has, and that is, a close up and personal interview with famed amateur model/ Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe favourite Mika! We’ve previously featured out-of-costume exclusive pictures of this hottie and now we learn more about her personality.

Out of all costumes. This is her latest hairstyle. But I’m sure no guy will notice the hair initially.

We did this interview all the way back in September, but due to crippling amounts of school work, I’ve never really gotten around to posting it. I thought the effect’ll be better nearer the AFA’09 date anyway. But due to the oldness of it, some of Mika’s responses might be outdated. Anyway, you can check out her facebook profile and add her as a friend, it’ll boost your e-penis. You just need to know the correct keywords to search for, totally revealed in this post.


Hmm… it’s been a while since I posted. After my ITP(Industrial Training Programme), I pretty much went into a game orgy on the wii and played games like NO MORE HEROES, SD GUNDAM SCAD HAMMERS(It’s a game that can destroy your wrist if you play excessively), DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION and of course ZERO: TSUKIHAMI NO KAMEN.

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